Art 2A   Requisite Challenge Portfolio Requirements


You have the option of submitting work in one of the following formats:


     a. A selection of original works or photographs of the works, enclosed in a

         portfolio, to be left for review in the VAPA Division Office with Linda Stinger.

     b. J-pegs of artworks, no larger than 2M pixels or approx.1000 x 2000 pixels e-mailed

         to the instructor of the class for which you are wanting to register. Contact the    

         instructor, first, with your intent to e-mail.

     c. A flash drive of images delivered to the VAPA Division Office.


Portfolio submission should include:


20 drawings, studies, and/or exercises that demonstrate the following:


- A dominant focus on observational drawing.


- Drawing skills in contour, negative space, proportion, value, 1 & 2 point perspective, texture and surface, mass/gesture.

These techniques may be presented separately or used together.


- Use of both dry and wet media (charcoal, graphite, pen and ink, conte or pastel).


- Experience with both large (approx. 18x24”) and smaller scale formats.