Portfolio Requirements To Challenge ART 4: Design & Color



You have the option of submitting work in one of the following formats:


     a. A selection of original works or photographs of the works, enclosed in a

         portfolio to be left for review in the VAPA office with Linda Stringer.

     b. J-pegs of artworks, no larger than 2M pixels or approx.1000 x 2000 pixels e-mailed

         to the instructor of the class you are wanting to register for. Contact the instructor

         first with your intent to e-mail.

     c. A flash drive of images delivered to the VAPA office.


Portfolio submission should include:



Before taking Art 31A: Painting 1, you would need the following skills:


1. The basics of color mixing: how to mix opaque paint (ideally acrylic) to make secondary and tertiary

    colors from primary colors, how to tint, tone and shade, how to control color saturation, how to use complementary colors

    to make earth tones and other neutrals.

2.  Familiarity with compositional issues such as figure ground relationships, balance, emphasis, atmospheric perspective,

     and the part color plays in those issues.

3. Knowledge of color and design terminology.


* Unless you have taken a course at another college, equivalent to Art 4 Color & Design, you will need to show

   a review committee a portfolio of artwork that reflects proficiency in the above.