Art 5  Requisite Challenge Portfolio Requirements


The required prerequisite for Sculpture 34A is ART 5 Beginning Design: 3- Dimensioanl Form. ART 5 is a core offering and is an integral part of Cabrillo’s AA transfer program. In addition to being a required pre-requisite for sculpture, the Three Dimensional design offering is also a recommended prerequisite for related

3-dimensional disciplines.


As a core offering, the Design class covers basic concepts, materials, tools and terminology that are the foundation for the understanding of three-dimensional principals. These areas are expanded upon in the proceeding sculpture classes.


Portfolio submission should include and/or demonstrate:


1. A minimum of three pieces that exhibit a basic knowledge of three-dimensional form. The pieces could come from jewelry, ceramics or past sculpture classes. Images of the work will be excepted.


2. A basic knowledge of hand tools and materials is required.


3. A rudimentary knowledge of terms associated with three -dimensional design.