How to Challenge Pre-Requisite Requirements for Art Studio Classes


It is important to attend the first class meeting of the class you want to add. The application to challenge the pre-requisite requirements for that class needs to be submitted no later than the second class meeting. If possible, submit your application the semester before. Applications submitted during winter and summer breaks will take longer to process and might not be reviewed until the start of the semester.


Steps to apply for permission to have waived the pre-requisites: (not receive credit for)


1.You first need to fill out a Requisite Challenge Form

   This is the link to the form you will need to fill out:

You can also pick the form up at Counseling & Educational Support Services as well as the VAPA office.


2. The next step is for you to deliver it to Counseling & Educational Support Services, Bldg. 100, room 103. The person in charge is Barbara Rigg (477-3242).


3. They will review your petition and then send your challenge form and statement to the art VAPA Division Dean.


4.  Portfolio Submission to VAPA Art Office:


    A portfolio of artworks is also required. You have the option of submitting work in one

    of the following formats:

     a. A selection of original works or photographs of the works, enclosed in a

         portfolio to be left for review in the VAPA office with Linda Stinger.

     b. J-pegs of artworks, no larger than 2M pixels or approx.1000 x 2000 pixels e-mailed

         to the instructor of the class you are wanting to register for. Contact the instructor

         first with your intent to e-mail.

     c. A flash drive of images delivered to the VAPA office.

A list of specific portfolio requirements is available in the VAPA office and on the Art Studio web-site:


5.  After a committee reviews your challenge form, statement, and portfolio they will submit your materials, inclusive of their assessment, to the Dean of VAPA.


6.  You will hear from Counseling & Educational Support Services, Barbara Rigg, as to the outcome of your challenge.


Portfolio Requirements