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Bo hartayanbedejo

Alumni in Professional Sports

Brendon Ayanbadejo (1995) Football





UCLA (1st team all Pac 10)
Miami Dolphins
Chicago Bears
Baltimore Ravens

Femi Ayanbadejo (1993-94) Football





San Diego State
Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins
Baltimore Ravens
Arizona Cardinals

Sherman Cocroft (1980-81)





San Jose State
Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Bucaneers
California Community College Football Hall of Fame

Mark Eichhorn (1975-76 ) Baseball





Toranto Blue Jays
Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
California Angels

Bo Hart (1996-97) Baseball





Gonzaga University
St Louis Cardinals

Sam Kennedy (1982-83) Football





San Jose State
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIII

Dwight Lowery (2004-05) Football





San Jose State (1st team All-American)
New York Jets

Reggie Stephens (1995-96) Football





Rutgers 91st team all Big East
New York Giants

Tom Urbani (1987-88) Baseball





Long Beach State
St Louis Cardinals

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