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Physicals for Fall 2018 will be held on Wednesday August 1, 2018. Click link below for more information

Pre-Participation Physicals Info & dates (1 pg. pdf)


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  • Pre-Particiaption Information


The Cabrillo College Sports Medcine Program is now using online software to track all of our student-athelte information.  Please follow the link below and follow the instructions to add your information to our online system

Sportsware Online

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Michael Cutler ATC-Head Athletic Trainer

Phone (831) 479-6448


Michael is a new Athletic Trainer to Cabrillo College. He was born and raised in Santa Cruz and graduated from Soquel High in 2010. Michael went on to get his Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training from Long Beach State University in 2015. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), Far West Athletic Trainers Association (FWATA), and the California Athletic Trainers Association (CATA).


Thomas Welle, D.O.:  Orthopedic Surgeon

Click Here for Bio

Dr. Jacob Benford. MD:  Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Board Certified

Graduated 1995, University Of California, Los Angeles, School Of Medicine


                                Athletic Training Classes:

              KIN 10 A                                    KIN 10 B

               (Syllabus)                                           (Syllabus)

Introduction to Athletic Training: Prevention, Evaluation and Immediate Care of Athletic Injuries:

Textbook:  Foundations of Atheltic Training 5th ed.

Anderson & Parr

(Lecture Power Points)

Introduction to Athletic Training

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Athleic Injuries
(Lecture Power Points)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Preventing Injuries Through Fitness



Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 19-Foot Injuries

Chapter 19-Lower Leg & Ankle Injuries

Chapter 20-Cardiovascular Conditions

Chapter 22-Respiratory Conditions

Knee Conditions

Hip/Thigh/Pelvis Conditions

Shoulder Injuries

Upper Arm/ Elbow Conditions

Wrist/Hand Conditions

Face and Head Injuries



Taping Videos


(Heel Lock Only)

(Heel Lock 2)

(Figure 8 Only)



Wrist/Hand Thumb

Turf Toe



Considerations in Designing Rehab Plan

Tissue Healing

Evaluation Process in Rehabilitation

Establishing Core Stability

Regaining postual stability and balance

Restoring ROM and improving flexibility

Regaining muscle strength and endurance

Introduction to therapeutic Modalities

Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy

Therapeutic Massage



Plyometrics in Rehabilitation


Joint mobilizations techniques

Functional Progression

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Elbow/Forearm/Wrist and Hand Rehabilitation

Knee Rehabilitation

Ankle Rehabilitation




"The mission of the National Atheltic Trainers' Associaition is to enhance the quality of health care provided by athletic trainers and to advance the athletic training profession

Cabrillo College Sports Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of the Cabrillo College Sports Medicine Program is to provide Community College Students with the education and clinical experience required to prepare them for an Accredited Atheltic Training Education Program and to provide the highest quality of healthcare to the student-athletes at Cabrillo College.  Our goal is to provide an a fun and safe environment where student athletes and atheltic training students are encouraged to strive for excellence, culitvate an appreciation for evidence based practice, and foster a spirit of professionalism

Full Athletic Training Student Packet

Individual ATS Forms

Athletic Training Student (ATS) Guidlines

ATS Performance Contract

ATS Phase Contracts

ATS Daily Schedule

ATS Daily Hours Log

ATS Skill Competencies




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Contact Information
Sports Medicine
Head Athletic Trainer Michael Cutler 831.479.6448
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Nick Blank

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