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Open Entry Courses

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Keyboarding, 10-Key Calculator, Beginning Technology Skills

These classes are open-entry and self-paced. There are no regular class meetings. It is up to you to regularly work on the assignments and make regular progress. Please attend one of the CABT Department scheduled orientations for these courses.

Note: If you cannot make it to a scheduled orientation, please stop by the Computer Technology Center CABT staff desk, call 831-479-6277, or e-mail to arrange an individual orientation.

Select your course from the list below for more information:


Advisory: These can be difficult courses even though they have low unit values. In order to pass the Keyboarding classes you must be able to demonstrate the actual performance goal, no matter how long it takes. It is quite challenging to complete 3 levels of keyboarding in one semester. And because these are based on physical proficiency, plan on spending weeks of regular effort; you cannot cram to pass these classes; start early in the semester!

10-Key Calculator

Beginning Technology Skills

These are non-credit classes, with no unit value. They are designed for beginning computer users who want to gain technology skills.

Working at Home

If you buy your own copies of textbooks and/or software, you can complete most of the work away from campus for CABT 102, 110A, 110B and 110C (CABT 210, 505, and 506 must be completed on campus). You will still need to appear in person to turn in work, get coaching as necessary, and complete exams. Be sure to attend an orientation during the first two weeks of the semester before you purchase textbooks/software.

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