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How to get into the Program

Applications for the Dental Hygiene program are accepted at any time throughout the year. There is no deadline.

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The Cabrillo DH Program has an Application/Selection Process that allows students to submit an application at any time, if they have completed all the prerequisites. All science prerequisite courses must be completed within the previous six years.There's no application deadline. If you have

not completed your prerequisites, your application will not be accepted for evaluation.There are additional required courses for graduation that you can take before starting the program.

How to Apply

Step 1: Read the Following Informational and Introductory Links


Step 2: Schedule an appointment with the program Academic Counselor

  • We highly recommend to schedule an appointment with the DH Program Academic Counselor – Brenda Ochoa in order to complete this FORM and to ensure successful completion of requirements for their Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene.
    Here’s the link to schedule an appointment:

Step 3: Apply to the DH Program

Step 4: Keep Contact Information Updated

If the DH cannot contact you by phone, email or USPS your name will be dropped from the waitlist.

Application Processing & Evaluation

Status Letters Emailed

On average the applicants are notified within two months of Cabrillo College receiving the applications.

Status Acknowledgement Form Emailed Every November
Acceptance Process Begins for Summer Entry December depending on Wait List Status
Required Attendance Spring Meetings Spring Orientation and Clinical Compliance Meetings

Wait List Information

Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program has an Application/Selection Process that allows students to submit an application all year long, once all prerequisites have been completed. There is no deadline.

The applications are sequenced based on the postmark date. All applicants will receive written notification via email of application status. Accepted students will be added to our wait list, in order, based on the certified mail postmark date of their completed application packet. All correspondence is by email.

Status letters indicate:

  • If the application is Denied, letters will detail the reason(s) for denial.

  • If the application is Accepted, applicants will be placed on the wait list.

Currently, the DH Program invites approximately 30 accepted applicants to the annual spring DH Program Orientation and Clinical Compliance meetings. These mandatory meetings lay the groundwork for students to enter the program. 22-24 students enter the program annually.

Please, contact the Dental Hygiene Department if you would like to be removed from the DH Program Wait List or to update your contact information.

Wait Time

While the DH Program can guarantee placement into the program, we cannot guarantee when students will begin the program. We currently estimate a wait of 1 to 2 years from the postmark date of application. Your wait could be less than this, or more than this, given the many variables involved.

While Waiting to get into the DH Program 

The length of the wait list can fluctuate greatly and should not deter committed students from pursuing their goals. One of the most important things to do while waiting is to finish the required general education classes to graduate and to prepare yourself financially.

These opportunities will help you develop additional skills that you will use as a Dental Hygiene student and in a career in health care. It is recommended that you call Cabrillo Central Counseling for an over the phone or in person appointment at 831-479-6274.

The dental hygiene education that I received at Cabrillo College not only prepared me as a clinical dental hygienist but also enabled me to participate in many leadership roles in our profession. I found the academic rigor to be above standards, and the faculty performed their role with professionalism and dedication. I reflect on those experiences often in my role now as a full-time Assistant Professor in a dental hygiene program and model many of those outstanding instructional approaches and techniques. The time I spent in the Cabrillo College dental hygiene program is very meaningful to me and helped guide my professional path to a very successful career.
-- Shanda Wallace, RDH, BSDH

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