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ESL Grammar Modules Courses
ESL 222 A-J

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Welcome to a new way of learning English grammar! ESL 222 grammar modules are designed to serve English as a Second Language students at any level who wish to focus on one or more specific grammar topics in the writing lab, outside of regular course instruction .

Each of the ten modules focuses on a small number of closely related grammar topics and provides clear explanation and practice opportunities designed to be completed in approximately 22 hours of semi-independent study. A qualified ESL Learning Assistant or Teacher guides assignments in an initial orientation and is available for tutoring help as needed. Students work mainly on a lab based interactive grammar program available in the ESL lab Room 1060. When a student has completed all of the required practice exercises and passed the module test with a score of 80% or better, he or she receives a passing grade and one half unit of course credit. Students who need more time, will be given additional assignments and assistance and may take up to one full semester to complete the module if necessary. Additional supplementary exercises may be assigned from text books or interactive online sites.

Currently Available Grammar Modules for Spring 2007 are highlighted in green and may be taken only in the Aptos ESL Lab Room 1060. Click on any module title to go the assignment page.


  • Module 1 ESL 222A
    The verb "BE"
    Subject pronouns
    Introduction to adjectives
  • Module 2 ESL 222B
    Present progressive tense
    Simple present tense
    Present progressive tense versus simple present tense
  • Module 3 ESL 222C
    Simple Past Tense
    Irregular verb forms
  • Module 4 ESL 222D
    Present perfect tense
    Present perfect progressive tense:
    Present perfect tenses versus the past tense
  • Module 5 ESL 222E
    Future tense with "Will"
    Future tense with "Be going to"
    "Will" versus. "Be going to"
  • Module 6 ESL 222F
    Past perfect tense
    Past perfect progressive tense
    Past perfect tenses versus the past tense
  • Module 7 ESL 222G
    Diagramming simple sentences
    Sentences and clauses
    Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • Module 8 ESL 222H
    Punctuation: capitalization, commas, quotation marks etc.
  • Module 9 ESL 222I
    Articles: A, AN and THE
  • Module10 ESL 222J
    Parts of speech
    Common word form patterns

Click here for Grammar Module Assignments

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