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Career Opportunity Information

3 health careers

Career opportunities include: health education, health counseling, nutrition counseling, corporate health promotion, drug program coordination, health sociology, hospital administration, public health, epidemiology, bio-statistics, and program planning.

This college major prepares health practitioners who are technically skilled and effective in a variety of clinical, agency, and community settings. Employers include hospitals, government and voluntary agencies, school districts, and private industries.

See below for additional information available through Cabrillo College Career Planning and Student Employment:

Public Health Careers

Public Health careers cover a broad array of specializations. Most of these fields require graduate level education. Salary ranges listed below are for within one year of graduation. Of U.S. graduates, 95% of those who wanted to be employed, were employed and on the average found employment within two months of graduation.

Health personnel shortages exist in practically every area of specialization in the fields of public health. Factors which influence the need for these occupations include concerns about pollution, hazardous waste disposal, managed care disease prevention policies, an aging population, infectious diseases such as Aids, multi-drug resistant diseases, substance abuse and other factors. These shortages are expected to continue well into the next century.

Biomedical and Laboratory Practice

Career opportunities exist for many specialists such as bacteriologists, microbiologists, and biochemists who use laboratory techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the investigation of conditions which affect health status.


Career opportunities in this area involve the application of statistical procedures, techniques, and methodology to characterize or investigate health problems and programs.

Environmental Science

Career opportunities are found in many diverse disciplines such as chemistry, toxicology, and engineering and are concerned with the identification and control of factors in the natural environment (air, water, land) which affect health.


Due to a nationwide shortage, opportunities abound for specialists trained in the systematic study of the distribution and determinants of disease or disability in population groups.

Health Education

These specialists use specific methods, skills and program strategies to help people change to healthier lifestyles, to make more efficient use of health services, to adopt self-care practices, and to participate actively in the design and implementation of programs that affect health.

Health Services Administration

Persons seeking careers in administration or resource management in the public or private sector of health service delivery can specialize in planning, organization, policy formulation and analysis, finance, economics and marketing.

International Public Health

For persons seeking international careers, this field encompasses virtually all specializations in public health and focuses on improving health standards in developing countries.


In short supply in the public and private sectors, these specialists are concerned with the study of the interaction between nutrients, nutrition and health, and the application of sound nutritional principles to maintain good health.

Occupational Safety and Health

Specialists employed in this field are concerned with the identification of health and safety hazards related to work and the work environment, as well as their prevention and control.

For more information, contact the Association of Schools of Public Health at: WWW.ASPH.ORG

(Reprinted with permission.)


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