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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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What is diagnostic assessment?

Diagnostic assessment simply means testing. Here at Learning Skills, we're testing to see if you have a learning disability according to California Community College system guidelines.

Where are services available?

Diagnostic assessment (including bilingual assessment) is available at the Aptos and Watsonville campuses.

How do I get a diagnostic assessment?

The first step is to call our main office (479-6220) to schedule a group intake/orientation. During the orientation you will learn more about learning disabilities and determine if you should continue with the individual assessment.

Do I have to pay?

Yes, but not much. The cost of testing is the cost of enrolling in a one-half (0.5) unit class at Cabrillo College.

Do I have to take a class?

Yes. You must be a Cabrillo college student to be tested, and you will need to enroll in LS 254, Diagnostic Assessment. You will receive an add slip to register at the group intake/orientation mentioned above. Upon completion of the individualized testing process, you will receive one unit of credit.

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Is there homework?

Yes, a little bit. You will receive a short assignment which is based on the Learning Differently Handbook. It consists of seven questions and a chart to fill out. One of the questions also asks you to watch a short video called A Matter of Perception. You can check the video out at the circulation desk in the main library. The assignment should be finished by the time you receive your results. You can also print the homework questions and chart.

How long does the testing take?

Testing time varies depending on your schedule. Appointments are made individually and last from 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Students generally have four to five testing appointments and one appointment to obtain your results. Occasionally, additional testing appointments are necessary.

What are my responsibilities?

  1. After the group intake/orientation register for LS 254
  2. Attend all testing appointments. Call us if you can't attend, so we can reschedule your appointment. If you miss two appointments without calling, you may be dropped from further testing.
  3. Purchase Learning Differently: A Handbook for Students with Learning Disabilities, or download it from this website. The book costs $5.00 and you can buy it in the college bookstore. You can also read the book in the main library, available for reference at the circulation desk.
  4. Watch the video, A Matter of Perception (You can check the video out at the circulation deske for viewing in the main library.)
  5. Complete the assignment based on the Learning Differently Handbook.

What if I have been tested already ?

If your testing records are less than three years old and fall within the California Community College guidelines, you probably don't need testing. If your records are older than that or incomplete, you will need to be retested to bring your records up to date.

When can I get services?

You can receive services as soon as our office receives documentation confirming your learning disability. This means that you must finish testing or have records of previous testing, perhaps in high school or at another college, or through a private psychologist.

Can I transfer my records to another school?

Yes. Just let us know and sign a release form, and we'll send your records. Most colleges in California have similar programs and give similar tests, but eligibility requirements vary outside the California Community College system. Eligibility at another college is likely but not guaranteed.

What services can I get?

Since individual test results vary, so do services. For example, some students may be eligible for note takers, while others may not. Not everyone is granted extended time on exams, because not everyone needs extended time. Here are some of the services provided:

  • Tutorial services (tutors)
  • Test accommodations (extended time on tests, alternative test locations, etc.)
  • Note takers (students who take notes in class and give out copies)
  • Priority registration (Learning Skills students register before other Cabillo students.)
  • Assistive technology (special programs to help with reading and writing)
  • Books on CD (allow 6-8 weeks)
  • Assistance with class schedules
  • Individual education plans

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