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Programs & Certifications

MTRA offers an Associate of Science (AS) degree and a Career Technology Education (CET) Certificate. Cabrillo’s Music Department also offers a Skills Certificate in Music Technology. Requirements for the AS include general education courses, whereas the CET requires an additional writing course.

All courses are designed to give students the skills they need to pursue a wide range of music careers, such as sound design, music composition, and equipment manufacturing.

Music Technology & Recording Arts A.S. Degree

The Associate in Science (AS) degree requires 21 units of general education, as well as 20 units of core courses. These courses provide instruction in a wide array of skills, such as live sound production, studio production, and recording techniques.

What We Offer

Other requirements include 9 units of required Music courses, 2 units of Music Performance electives, 2 units of Music Applied electives, and 6 units of approved outside electives.

Students can choose from a wide variety of music performance classes and instrument lessons, as well as diverse outside electives in business, video production, physics, or theater.

The entire course of study amounts to a total of 60 units.

Music Technology & Recording Arts Certificate of Achievement

MTRA offers a Career Technology Education (CET) Certificate, which signifies completion of the program. This holds many of the same requirements as the degree: 20 units of core courses, 9 units of required Music courses, 2 units of Music Performance electives, 2 units of Music Applied Electives, and 6 units of approved outside electives.

While GEs are not required for the CET, students may choose from a number of writing courses to meet the requirement total of 42-45 units.

Students may obtain a Music Technology Skills Certificate to demonstrate knowledge and skill in digital audio, recording, production, electronic music composition, arranging, songwriting, and sound design. The required courses equal a total of 12-13.5 units.

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