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The Art Studio and Art Photography Departments are pleased to offer scholarship opportunities to qualified and currently enrolled students in recognition of achievement in Art Studio and Art Photography course work. Scholarships are available in all areas of instruction within the Art Studio and Art Photography Departments.

CabrilloArts Workshops, Digital Media and Theater Arts course work is not eligible.


This is a two-part application process that includes:

1. Written Application – Part I and Part II
2. Portfolio of Five Artworks

The Written Application and Portfolio have different due dates:

1. Written Application: Due Wednesday, March 26, 2014
by 5:00pm
to the VAPA Division Office, Room 1007.

2. Portfolio of Artworks: Due Friday, April 11, 2014
between 9:00 am – 7:00pm to Room 2015.


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Scholarships/Awards Seminar:
Friday, March 14, 2014
12 Noon – 1:00 pm in Room 2015

The Scholarships and Awards Seminar is held to assist applicants with their Written Application and Portfolio presentation. Students are not required to attend the seminar.

Students may also be eligible for other scholarships – these have separate forms, instructions and due dates: 
• Cabrillo General Scholarships –
• Art History Scholarships – Contact Brian Legakis at


Eligibility Requirements to Qualify for a Visual Arts Scholarship and/or Award:
• Current Enrollment at Cabrillo College as a Continuing or Transfer Student
• Minimum Enrollment in One 3-Unit Art Studio or Art Photography course at Cabrillo College in the Current Academic Year.

– The Academic Year includes the Fall and Spring Semesters, and may include the previous Summer Semester if classes were offered in the Art Studio and/or Art Photography Departments.
– Some Scholarships require a Minimum of 9-Units of Course Work at Cabrillo College in  the Academic Year.

• Student must be a New Applicant, or have not Received Scholarships and/or Awards in Two Previous Years.


Further Requirements:
• Submission of a completed Written Application by the Due Date.

• Submission of a complete Portfolio of Five Artworks on the Due Date.



1. Written Application: Due Wednesday, March 26, 2014 by 5:00pm.

2. Portfolio of Artworks: Due Friday, April 11, 2014 between 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.


Step 1: Eligibility Requirement Checklist

  • I am currently enrolled at Cabrillo College as a continuing or transfer student.
  • I have taken or am currently taking a minimum of one 3‑unit course in Art Studio or Art Photography in the VAPA division during this 2013‑2014 academic year. (The academic year includes Fall Semester 2013, and Spring Semester 2014).
  • I have taken or am currently taking a minimum of 9 units of course work at Cabrillo College this 2013‑2014 academic year. The 9 units of course work can include the above 3‑unit course. See exceptions noted below.
  • Artwork submitted was created as a class assignment in an Art Studio or Art Photography course at Cabrillo College within the last two years.
  • I have not received Art Studio and/or Art Photography cash awards or scholarships two times previously.

Exceptions to 9 Unit Requirements 
Not all scholarships and awards have a 9 unit requirement: There are awards in Art Photography, 3-D (Ceramics, Sculpture, 3-D Design), and Small Scale Metals/Jewelry that do not have the 9 units per academic year requirement. Applicants must still meet all other requirements listed above.


Step 2: Written Application Procedure Checklist

  • Part I – Scholarship Application Form: Per instructions, complete the form and submit by the Due Date. Includes a Faculty signature nomination.
  • Part II – Personal Statement: Per instructions, write your statement and submit it with the Application Form.
  • Copy of Current Transcript: Applicant may obtain an unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor and submit it with the Application Form.
  • Faculty Signature Nomination: Meet with an Art Studio or Art Photography Faculty member and receive a Signature Nomination. Be sure to meet with your faculty person asap - do not leave this unrtil the last minute!
  • Send an Email to Committee Chair: Email Susan Hoisington at for award notification purposes. Send as Subject: Scholarship 2014 Application Submitted – Your Name.
  • Submit Completed Written Application: VAPA Division Office, Room 1007, on or before Wednesday, March 26, 2014, by 5:00 pm. 

NO EXCEPTIONS. An incomplete Application will disqualify an applicant.

Tips for Writing the Statement:
• Don’t leave your Statement to the last minute; get started writing now and work on it over several days.
• Start with a first draft & don’t worry about complete sentences – just get your ideas out where you can work on them.
• Refine your Statement and remember to use Spellcheck! Keep it concise – one page or less.
• When ready, have someone with good writing skills and experience proofread your Statement for you.

Questions to Jump Start Your Writing (this is not a checklist of requirements):
• What goals do you have for your future in art?
• Do you plan to continue your art studio education beyond Cabrillo?
• When did you start making art? Maybe you want to tell us about your art making history.
• What makes you want to study art? What inspires you?
• How do you wish to express yourself with art?
• What have you learned about yourself through art?
• Tell us about the artwork you have submitted to the Scholarship Committee for review.
• What have you learned specifically in the Cabrillo Art Departments, that has helped you, changed you, inspired you?


Step 3: Portfolio Instructions & Delivery

  • A portfolio consists of five artworks only: Only one portfolio per applicant is allowed.  A portfolio with more than five artworks will be disqualified.
  • All Artwork must be Class Work: From Art Studio &/or Art Photography courses at Cabrillo College only.
  • Repeat Applicants: Submit new artwork – do not resubmit previously submitted works.
  • Special Pieces considered as One Work: Hand-bound books, diptychs and triptychs equal one work.
  • Small Drawings and Prints: Should be mounted on a larger sheet of heavy white paper or mat board.
  • Metal Work or Small Objects: Should be labeled and contained inside a zip‑lock bag in a box.
  • 3-D/Sculpture: Bases are to be provided by the student if they are an integral part of the piece. The student should provide specific installation instructions as needed for an artwork.
  • Video Artworks: Submit files on DVD as current QuickTime format (include a RealPlayer file backup) playable on a 15 inch MacBook Pro – 10 min. total combined run time. Properly label DVD with: Name, title of works and include a separate printed list with your name at the top and the title of each video, year created, corresponding file name & run time.
  • All Portfolio Works must be secure in a Portfolio, Envelope or Box. Exceptions: Large paintings and sculptures. Speak with your instructor for guidance. Unsecured work will not be accepted.
  • Deliver Portfolio: to Room 2015 on April 11, 2014 between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Failure to submit a portfolio: Lack of a portfolio will disqualify the applicant.

The scholarship committee will take all precautions but cannot be responsible for fragile or improperly secured works.


Exception to Physical Portfolio:
Special Instructions for Unavailable or Excessively Large Works -

The committee prefers to view original artworks, but Digital Images of the Art on a CD are permitted for work that is unavailable or too large. You may submit one CD with digital images of your artworks as all or part of your portfolio.

Files Submission: One view of each artwork in your portfolio (5 images maximum).
Three-dimensional works: Two views may be submitted of each work (10 images
maximum for 3-D works).

Digital Images: Use .jpg format, 4x6” – 6x6” maximum size and must include applicant’s name & title of work.

CD Labeling: Put your name and title of artworks on the CD. Include a separate printed list of all images with:
Name – at top of sheet, and for each artwork – file name, title of work, medium, dimensions, and year created.


Step 4: Portfolio Pickup

  • Pickup Portfolio: in Room 2015, on April 14, 2014 between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
  • If Unavailable: a signed Permission Slip allows someone else to pick up the portfolio for the applicant.

The scholarship committee is not responsible for any portfolio left after 2 PM on the pickup date.


Scholarship and Award Funds: Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

The Visual Arts Scholarship Committee does not handle any scholarship funds. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office (, will disburse funds to students and all questions should be addressed to that office. Before giving out any funds, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will mail an official notification of the scholarship and/or award to selected students along with specific instructions on how to receive the funds.  Please make sure that your Student Account is updated with your current address so you will receive important information.

Funds Availability:
Each Scholarship and Award has specific funds disbursement criteria – some are available during the Summer and others are available at the beginning of the Fall Semester.  Please refer to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office letter for the specific details of the funds availability.

Description: FinancialAid-Image

Cabrillo has partnered with Higher One to provide students with a debit card to receive their refunds or financial aid disbursements. You will find info on the debit card and other options to receive funds posted on Cabrillo’s website:

With a few exceptions, recipients must be enrolled at Cabrillo College, or attending a four-year college or university to be eligible for their funds.  Proof of enrollment must be delivered to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, Building 100, before a check can be issued.

Exception to Funds Availability – Outstanding Fees:
The college will apply scholarship and/or award money to any outstanding fees that the student may have.

Note of Appreciation:
If you are selected for a scholarship or award, you are required to write a Thank You letter.  Please review the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office information for details in order to write your letter.



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MAR 31 – APR 5:



















Recipients write
a note based on FA&S Office notification:

12:00 – 1:00 pm in Room 2015

Deliver your completed application, PART I and PART II, to the VAPA Division Office, Room 1007, by 5:00 pm.  No exceptions.




Deliver your portfolio to Room 2015,
9 AM – 7 PM.  No exceptions.

Committee reviews written applications & portfolios, and selects
scholarships/awards recipients.

Pick up your portfolio in Room 2015 from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

An email is sent by the committee to notify each applicant of the review results of his/her portfolio.
The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will send official notification with all pertinent details to selected students. Contact that office with any questions.

List of applicants who receive a scholarship/award is posted at the
VAPA Division Office, Room 1007.

If you receive notice from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office: Write a Thank You Letter as directed. Please review the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office information for details.



Contact Information
Visual Art Scholarship Committee

Susan Hoisington

(831) 479-6131



Jamie Abbott

Tobin Keller

Dawn Nakanishi


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