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Welcome to the Theater Arts Department.


About Theater Arts Program and Classes

The study of Theatre Arts/Drama requires creative technical and performance skills that benefit students in their individual relationships with others in social and artistic environments. Students selecting to major and minor in Theatre Arts/Drama frequently choose this area of study for three reasons: (1) to enter the professional fields of theatre, film, televi- sion, radio, and modeling; (2) to enter communication fields in teaching, business, industry and law; (3) to pursue personal goals or leisure activ- ity in community events.

Opportunities for careers in theatre arts/drama are found in acting, theatre lighting, costume design, set production, scenery design, scene painting, television production, theatre production management, stage management, teaching and directing





Cabrillo Theater Arts Department presents

Spring 2017 production:

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

By Anna Deavere Smith

Auditions Cabrillo College

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 by MacArthur ‘Genius’ award-winning playwright and actress Anna Deavere Smith
In 1991, the violent police assault of African American Rodney King ignited international outrage after being captured on videotape and aired widely. A year later in 1992, in the aftermath of the trial and acquittal of the four Los Angeles Police Department officers charged with assault, protest and riots broke out in the streets of Los Angeles, where the incident took place.
Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 is the result of nearly 300 interviews Anna Deavere Smith conducted in a nine-month span with gang members, police officers, lawyers, activists and shopkeepers from a diversity of class and racial backgrounds after the riots. 
Although the play is traditionally a one-woman show, our production features a cast of over a dozen actors, who play various characters.  Twilight invites audiences to engage in a dialogue around race and racism. Twilight: Los Angeles uses its various characters’ viewpoints to help us all journey to a shared, common ground.”

Auditions: Jan 24 & 25, 2017 from 7 to 9 PM at Cabrillo Black Box Theater.  Call backs will be on Jan. 26,2017   (TBA)

Looking for actors, technicians, lighting and sound operators, stage mangers, etc.
Prepare for a two-minute monologue.
For more information contact: Director Don Williams  831-459-6733


Telephone: 831-479-6154 Box Office hours: Thursday-Saturday Noon to 6pm




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Theater Arts Department

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