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ASCC Elections 2013

May 6 -9, 2013

Applications Due: 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Senate Application to Run for Office 2013

ASCC Elections Results 2012

  • Deadline for Applications
    Friday, March 29th @ 4pm
  • Candidate Orientation
    Monday, April 8th @ 2pm
  • Campaigning
    April 9 - May 10
  • Debate in Watsonville
    Tuesday, April 20th @ 4pm
  • Debate in Aptos
    Wed., May 1st @ 12:30pm
  • Elections Week
    May 6 - May 10
  • Elections Results (will be announced at the May 16th Student Senate Meeting)
    Thursday, May 16th
  • Last Senate Meeting (New Senators will be sworn in)
    Thursday, May 23rd @ 3pm

Let me extend my congratulations to you on deciding to become a part of the Student Senate! I can promise you that it will be a fun, educational, and worthwhile experience. As a member of the Student Senate here at Cabrillo, you will also have certain duties and responsibilities according to your position in the Senate, to the students you represent, and the college as a whole. Some of these duties are outlined below (for a complete list of Senator’s duties and responsibilities, see the ASCC Constitution and Bylaws). Please see a current Student Senator in the SAC East Student Senate offices or go to the Student Affairs Office for more information. We also recommend candidates visit the Student Senate meetings on Thursday at 3pm usually in SAC East room 225 and occasionally Thursday at 3:30pm at the Watsonville or Scotts Valley Centers*.

Good luck!

Executive members of the Senate will be required to attend executive meetings following general meetings and will have the duties as follows in addition to the duties of a Senator-at-Large: (Number of positions to fill is indicated in parentheses next to the position.)

(1)      President                               

Represent the Associated Students at all official functions.

Preside at all Student Senate meetings.

Post the agenda for the next meeting.


(1)      Vice President 

Maintain meeting attendance and shared governance committee assignment records.  Fill in for the President in his/her absence. Act as parliamentarian.


(1)      Treasurer       

Chair the Budget Committee.

Maintain all fiscal records.

Sign all purchase and disbursement requisitions.

Present the budget for the following year.


(1)      Student Trustee                  

Represent the Associated Students to the District Governing Board.  

Requires attending monthly board meetings


(1)      Legislative                         

Keep apprised of local and state policy and legislation affecting             Representative community colleges.  Develop and lead advocacy plans.

Function as the Cabrillo College delegate to the State Student Senate for California Community Colleges.  Requires travel to state and local conferences/meetings. 


(1)    Watsonville                        

Be the Watsonville Center’s representative to the student senate.   Be on the Watsonville Center Task Force Committee, when active.


(1)      Scotts Valley                       

Be the Scotts Valley Center’s representative to the student senate.



(1)       Inter-Club Council           

Chair all ICC meetings held weekly on Wednesdays at 3pm.

Chair Report to the Senate all pertinent club and ICC activities.              


(12)    Senators-at-Large                         

Must be on one internal (student senate) committee and one external (college) committee.  Vote on issues brought before the Senate as a representative of the students of Cabrillo College. 




Contact Information
ASCC Student Senate
Phone: 831.477.5677
Location Student Activities Center East, Aptos Campus
Map and Directions
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