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Download/complete the application and submit it to the ASCC Student Senate (SAC East)

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Applications
    Friday, March 29th @ 4pm
  • Candidate Orientation
    Monday, April 8th @ 2pm
  • Campaigning
    April 9 - May 10
  • Debate in Watsonville
    Tuesday, April 30th @ 4pm
  • Debate in Aptos
    Wed., May 1st @ 12:30pm
  • Elections Week
    May 6 - May 10
  • Elections Results (will be announced at the May 16th Student Senate Meeting)
    Thursday, May 16th
  • Last Senate Meeting (New Senators will be sworn in)
    Thursday, May 23rd @ 3pm


(Click for more information on each positions)

(1) President

(1) Vice President

(1) Student Trustee

(1) Legislative Representative

(1) Watsonville Representative

(1) Scotts Valley Representative

(1) Inter-Club Council Chair

(12) Senators-at-Large

ASCC Elections Results 2012

Cabrillo College

Student Body Election Results

The ASCC Student Senate Elections were held May 6th through May 10th, 2013.  A total of 457 valid votes were casted. This is the third year that the Associated Students of Cabrillo College (ASCC) conducted their student body elections online. This process required the combined efforts of many individuals. We are extremely thankful to Judy Cassada, Rick Fillman, Kristin Fabos, and Masina Hunnicutt. The work of this team made it possible to conduct elections online and saved the ASCC Student Senate Election’s Committee members and their advisers an incredible number of hours that it would have taken to validate and count every vote on the ballot.

The Results of this year's election are:

Total Validated Votes:     475

President / Total Votes: 433    
Laura Hunerberg  317    73.2 %
Nicholas Holden    116    26.8 %

Vice President /Total Votes: 406  
Carter Frost    359    88.4%

Student Trustee /Total Votes
: 388    
Steven Brown    349    89.6%

Legislative Rep. /Total Votes:
Jeff Horn    348    90.4 %

Treasurer /Total Votes:
Devin Monahan    371    94.4%

Inter-Club Council Chairperson  /Total Votes
:  398    
Tana DeSandres    371    93.2%

Senators at Large /Total Votes:
Laurence Applen    322    87 %

Senators at Large /Total Votes:  384    
Abigail Kennedy    330    85.9 %

Senators at Large / Total Votes: 393
Tabitha Mahoney    355    90.3%

Senators at Large /Total Votes:  370  
Taylor McTeer    330    89.2%

All uncontested positions required a minimum of 25% of all votes cast, thus, all were elected.


Facutly and Staff, please encourage students  to pick up an application at the Student Affairs Office, SAC East if they have an interst in joining the student senate.

The following ASCC Student Senate Constitutional changes were approved:  

ARTICLE II: Officers
Section 1: Elected Representatives / Total Votes  409   
Proposed subsection 2: It is proposed that language be added.  
Proposed New Language: "No student may hold more than one (1) position at any given time." 
322    78.7 %

ARTICLE II: Officers
Section 3: Qualifications /Total Votes  408   
Subsection B: Add the words, "at least" 
Current Language: All Senate members must maintain a 2.00 grade point average.       
Proposed Language: "All Senate members must maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average."   
362    88.7%

ARTICLE II: Officers
Section 3: Qualifications / Total Votes  409   
Subsection C:  Add the word "qualifications"  
Current Language: Failure to maintain any of the above will result in dismissal from the ASCC Student Senate.       
Proposed Language: "Failure to maintain any of the above qualifications will result in dismissal from the ASCC Student Senate."  
368    90 %

Section 1: Meeting, Subsection E: Adding language    Total Votes  406   
Current Language: The Senate may meet during vacations if it so chooses.  
Proposed Language: "The Senate may meet during vacations if it so chooses, but these meetings will not be counted as official meetings."       
316    77.8%

Please encourage students to apply to serve in student government.  Leadership training, conference attendance and shared governance are valuable and life-long memorable experiences for our students. 

If you have questions about the student body elections you may contact:

Flor Chacon, Student Activities Coordinator at (831) 477-3508 or

Sesario R. Escoto, Dean of Student Services at (831) 479-6525 or


Let me extend my congratulations to you on deciding to become apart of the Student Senate! I can promise you that it will be a fun, educational, and worthwhile experience. As a member of the Student Senate here at Cabrillo, you will also have certain duties and responsibilities according to your position in the Senate, to the students you represent, and the college as a whole. Some of these duties in the side bar (for a complete list of Senators’ duties and responsibilities, see the ASCC Constitution and Bylaws). Please see a current Student Senator in the SAC East Student Senate offices or go to the Student Affairs Office for more information. We also recommend candidates visit the Student Senate meetings on Thursday at 3pm usually in SAC East room 225 and occasionally Thursday at 3:30pm at the Watsonville Center*.  Good luck!

Senate Application to Run for Office 2013



Presidential Candidates
Laura Hunerberg Nicolas Holden
Statement Statement


(uncontested positions)

Vice-President Treasurer Student Trustee
Carter Frost Devin Monahan Steven Brown
Statement Statement Statement


Legislative Rep. I.C.C. Chair Candidate
Jeff Horn Tana DeSandres
Statement Statement


Senators - at - Large
Laurence Applen Taylor Mcteer
Statement Statement


Tabitha Mahoney Abigail Kennedy
Statement Statement



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