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ASCC Elections 2016



The 2016 election results are in!

Click here to view them

Elections 2015-2016 Results:

Transportation Fee passed by 53%.  The transportation fee will be implemented starting Fall 2016. All students will be issue a bus pass that will be good starting the first day of school on Monday, August 31, 2016.  Students are able to pick up Fall bus passes, parking permits and Student Activities Card starting August, 15 2016 at Cabrillo College’s Welcome Center located in the SAC East building.  Any concerns or questions please direct them to our Student Senate by email or Student Senate's office located in room 902.

Starting in Fall 2016, all Cabrillo College students will be issued a $40 bus pass. We need your input as to how these funds will be used to fund the routes that come to Cabrillo College.
Further Information:

  • Santa Cruz METRO looks forward to providing the Cabrillo community with a bus service which students can use to meet all for their travel needs including trips to Cabrillo as well as other trips 7 days a week around Santa Cruz County for work, social, and other purposes.
  • Your Student Senate will procure bus services from METRO with your Bus Pass Fee. A Cabrillo/METRO Bus Service Planning Team is working to identify what specific services the Cabrillo community would like to receive for their annual investment in the METRO bus system.
  •  Public input has suggested that services in the Watsonville to Santa Cruz corridor are important for Cabrillo students. Currently, Route 91X, which is currently proposed for elimination as of September 8th, serves this corridor along with Routes #69W and #71.
  •  Initial work with the Cabrillo representatives has suggested that maintaining some level of Route #91 would be a significant priority for Cabrillo. Route #55 which operates between Capitola Mall and Rio Del Mar/La Selva Beach also serves Cabrillo College.
  •  In pursuit of designing the best set of services for Cabrillo, the Bus Service Planning Team would like you to answer a few questions below to let us know your preferences for routes, locations served, time of day for services, and frequency at those times of day.

Clarifying the Use of the Student Center Fee passed by 79 %.  This allows the student senate to continue to pay for salaries to operate their student center and activities.  The student senate will be using this fee to pay for 56 percent of the Student Activities Coordinator job. 


  • April 19th - Candidate Debate on the Watsonville Campus in room A160 at 5pm
  • April 20th - Candidate Debate on the Aptos Campus in room 456 at 5pm
  • April 25th - 28th - Voting Online (Link will be sent out via email and put on the Cabrillo Homepage)
  • May 5th - Elections results announced at Senate Meeting
  • May 12th - Last Senate Meeting / Beginning of New Senate




President Candidates
Brenda Garcia Liber McKee



Representing the students in committees, voting to fund programs like Puente and the Engineering Abroad Program, and helping create the Women’s History Month event, I have been on the student senate since March 2015.

I am capable of being president because I represent different sections of the school population - Latinos, women, tutors in the HUB, and students in the Honors Transfer Program. I have experience in holding an executive office because I founded and am the president for the Honors Transfer Club. Because clubs or the senate can act as a foreign body to the students, I did my time to learn about them as a tutor for the writing and English learning center, where students from different sides of campus come in - from the English 1A  satire essay, to the EOPS scholarship, or to the nearby student being tutored in calculus.

Experience in such situations over the past year have given me a wide view of our student population, and such contrast between executive positions, and a position on the library floor, where I can see student’s daily and personal concerns, to me, reveals that my goals as president include developing student senate services and transparency.









My name is Liber McKee and I want to be your student body president. I had very little interest in school politics when I first started going to school at Cabrillo in the fall of 2015. But I did have an interest in finding a place I belonged; I needed to create my own community. I found this community in the form of clubs, classes, and the ASCC student senate. Through these groups I was able to watch students with vastly more leadership skills and experience than my own, and with their guidance I became more invested in not only my studies, but Cabrillo as a whole.

I know just how great the teachers here at Cabrillo are, however they’re not the only ones that make this school great. Behind the scenes is a small army of staff and administrators that keep the show running proficiently. I want to strengthen our connections among these three groups to ensure mutual support and make Cabrillo the best place it can be not only for students, but also for the people who make their livelihood by supporting us.

              As your president I would be the one that presides over the student senate, not one that rules it. I will be the Gandalf to your Frodo, the Dumbledore to your Harry, the Yoda to your Luke. My goal as president will be to grow leadership and confidence, never stifle it. Under my leadership the goal of the senate will be to inspire students to pursue their goals and seek out new paths. As president I will help students develop leadership qualities that will be beneficial not only at Cabrillo, but in all aspects of life. I believe this is something that as president I can do and do well. It would be my great honor to be your student body president for my last two semesters at Cabrillo.






Legislative Representative
Eric Lamb
Magdalena Pikala



Being considered as a representative for our student body is quite an honor. Thank you.

Joining the Cabrillo College Student Senate has been one of the funnest things I have ever been involved in. This experience has expanded and enriched who I am as a student, as well as developing my leadership potential into my future career.

With this fun comes responsibility. I enjoy having this chance to hear from and act on student viewpoints, and being a voice for all Cabrillo students at both the Aptos and Watsonville campuses. The Student Senate is involved in several community service projects, including our annual Thanksgiving dinner for students and local families that might not have celebrated this holiday otherwise. I have particularly appreciated opportunities to network with Cabrillo’s faculty and administration in the college-wide decision making process, by sharing the views and interests of students.

Legislative Representative is the position within the senate for which I am striving. My responsibility will include advocating for interests shared by all community colleges in California. In this role I will be speaking on behalf of the Cabrillo student body in regional and state-wide conferences. I will also be working with California’s other colleges, on issues that require action beyond our single campus.



              My name is Magdalena Pikala. I am Cabrillo College Student, majoring in physical therapy. I have been proudly representing student body as a Senator-At-Large in past semester and I am running for the Legislative representative for Fall 2016.

As a candidate for Legislative Representative position I plan to help get the word out about important issues and to represent the opinions of not only my fellow students but also many other students from colleges around communities as best as I can. I feel that I can effectively take on the responsibilities of a Legislative Representative as I am fully committed to this position.

I will use my skills public, communication, speaking and policy analysis to address the issues that the college faces to that candidates of student senate can work together to create a successful solutions for this issue benefiting student body. If elected, I promise to work hard for a betterment of Cabrillo students to have the best memories of their academic experience.











Uncontested positions


Vice President Treasurer
Erik Rose Emma Fotheringham



My name is Erik Rose and I am running for the position of Vice President. I would like to start by stating that I have/ am serving in the Student Senate during the 15-16 academic year after being appointed as a Senator-at-Large in mid-Fall and later taking on the position of Treasurer. It has been an enlightening experience to serve the community, plan and coordinate events and meet new people.

As treasurer my main duties were to be the accountant of the senate and maintain financial records, which I report on every thursday at the weekly senate meeting. Now that many current members are transferring to bigger and better places, I plan to continue the legacy of the Senate as an institution that listens to community feedback, advocates on behalf of students in various department meetings and sponsoring fabulous events such as Thanksgiving, MLK scholarship ceremony and Women’s History Month to name a few.

In the upcoming year I intend on increasing communication between the Senate and our students and getting the information to the students directly rather than just through social media and newsletters.

I hope you consider me for Student Senate Vice President and feel free to ask me anything if you see me walking around campus.







Student opportunity lies in the Treasury so judgment should be placed on my main goal which is just that, student opportunity. As Treasurer, I Emma Fotheringham, will maintain all fiscal records giving me a chance to analyze more cost effective, efficient, and/or self-sufficient ways to save money at Cabrillo in turn creating further student opportunity in the form of academic, career, and personal development goals.

My attentiveness to the Cabrillo student body makes me a valuable candidate. Among my concerns, I would like to implement an optional online tutorial on night safety which includes information like where to buy whistles, safety tips, and other available resources on campus to increase campus safety. I would also like to paint parking lines along Soquel Drive, and make students more aware of the resources we have at Cabrillo. My strengths are empathy, a problem-solution mindset, and reliability.

Vote Emma Fotheringham.









Director of Public Relations Watsonville Rep.
Lillie Vogt Irene Flores



I have represented Cabrillo students as a Senator in our ASCC since my first month on campus. I hope to build on my experience gained as a current member of the Public Relations Committee and my knowledge learned from working directly under the current Director of PR. 

As for my vision of the office, my greatest priority is to provide a greater sense of transparency between the ASCC and their fellow students. As Director, I will more actively promote both student services and campus events, while continuing to empower clubs, groups, and individuals through the increased accessibility of my office.













Hello my fellow Cabrillo peers. My name is Irenee Flores, and I was born and raised in Watsonville California. I’m planning on running for the student senate as your Watsonville Representative. I’ve been attending Cabrillo College, both in the Watsonville and Aptos campus for two and half years now.

Throughout my time here, I’ve noticed that many students, including myself, are not aware of the resources available to us through Cabrillo. As a Watsonville representative I would like to have the opportunity to represent and be the voice of students and a community that is already underrepresented. I would like to provide students with the proper information of resources available that would help them succeed in their time as a student at Cabrillo College.

In order to properly interact with the Watsonville students, I would have my office hours in the Watsonville campus which would allow me to to properly represent and interact with the community. Thank you for considering me as your next Watsonville representative









Senators - at - Large

Francois Acosta   


Being newly involved with the Student Senate, I look forward to helping your student education & experience at Cabrillo College. I intend to vote on important issues that will support and motivate you. So you can continue your education and feel welcomed on campus. Being an underrepresented student in our community, I want to be an example and voice to many. I hope to be a part of the Student Senate, so I can help us as students. We as students are the future so we need what's best. No matter, who you are or where you come never give up.






Amanda Schackelford   


My vision for involvement in the student senate is to represent Cabrillo for the next year. I would like a position as senator at large for this upcoming fall semester. This position will be critical to developing a better understanding of the student senate, the district governing board, and leadership skills necessary for larger rolls.

I think I would represent the students of Cabrillo College well because I have been here for three years and have taken classes all over campus. I enjoy hearing different peoples' perspectives and speaking up for every ones opinion. As a STEM student I am faced with having to ask investigative questions and find solutions to them often. Having the experience of doing polls and asking students around campus their opinions on issues would be great for future endeavors at Cabrillo and other campuses. I look forward to representing you in the committees next semester.

Charity Funtila


I Charity Funtila will represent the voice of the Cabrillo college student body. I support the academic tools we Cabrillo students have (the hub, mlc, stem, and tutoring center) and believe they are important to succeed. As a senator I will support events that spread good study skills and information on doing well in college. I also believe in supporting clubs that offer an inclusive, fun, and educational environment. Thank you.






Imra Tachmurador


              Greetings, my name is Imran Tachmuradov and I wish to join the student senate as a senator at large. This position interests me because I believe that with the help of fellow students and senators, great things could be accomplished.

A particular goal of mine is to increase student activity, at the very least increase awareness of the programs offered or in the process of being made. I encourage students to not shy away, but rather find the time to talk to the student senate to voice their ideas, or let us know if something requires attention. In the case of progress; a group effort packs a powerful punch, while apathy leads to ruin.






Vincent Serracino


Hey everyone! My name is Vince Serracino. I’m an Engineering major from Hollister who plans on learning a lot more when he transfers.

I was stoked to represent the student body last semester! As a Senator at Large I was able to keep students involved, meet new people, and listen to a wide variety of voices.

For the coming year, I plan on hearing more of your concerns and opinions. We need to hear what you have to say, and senators are always available to talk to in the senate offices (by the cafeteria). As a returning senator, I believe my experience working with clubs, committees, and really hard classes has really helped me become a better student who is ready to help improve our school. I hope that I will be able to continue to represent the student body in the fall and am looking forward to a great year!







Jane Tobias



My experience as a student at Cabrillo College has been augmented by the invaluable services and support available on campus. If elected a student senator, I intend to collaborate with Cabrillo students to enhance their learning experience and enrich the campus community.

I seek to promote and publicize the opportunities provided by the Student Resource and Support Network.   As a member of the Sustainability Council, I’m also passionate about reducing energy consumption and resource conservation. If elected I would advocate for the improvement of the waste management practices on our campus an updated campus recycling system and composting system.







Connor DeGraff


My personal goal as Senator-at-Large is to provide an outlet for the student body to express their concerns, to inform students about matters that affect them, to aid other student organizations and to represent our college by promoting diversity, responsibility, service, and creativity. I believe Cabrillo needs a strong student senate that will commit to improving the daily lives of Cabrillo’s faculty and students

































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