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COVID-19 Update

Shelter In Place: Classes/Services Online Through Summer

Student Academic Updates and Other Important Information Related to COVID-19 Disruptions

Emergency/Excused Withdrawal (EW) Option

The deadline date for requesting an EW for a Spring 2020 course has been extended. The EW option allows you to get a refund for your course and also does not penalize you with your academic record here. To request the EW, go to eForms through MyCabrillo/WebAdvisor and select A&R appeals and choose the second option. Be sure to reference the course number and section in the comments and then submit. Due to the large volume of forms received, it takes about 10 days to two weeks to process the EW in the Admissions Department, then, the business office will do their part for the refund process. All EW requests are automatically approved if filed after March 13th. If you accidentally requested a W after March 13 but wanted the EW instead, you still fill out the EW appeal form. We will make the correction from the EW request. If you have questions about the EW process, contact Please file for the EW prior to May 22nd, to avoid lengthy delays in your record and refund process.

Refunds for Courses and Student Fees

The refund process will begin as soon as the EW’s are recorded. Refunds will be posted as a credit on your student account. Due to the volume of requests, it may take several weeks to post any credit onto your account. You may not see your refund posted until June. We ask for your patience during this time. If you withdrew from all your Cabrillo courses, all of your student fees will be refunded accordingly. If you did not completely withdraw, only your tuition for the courses you withdrew from will be refunded. If you were charged a specialized instructional or materials fee for a course you remained in, but wish to appeal that fee (or a portion thereof) because you did not receive the items, you can appeal that fee through the Instructional Division Chair for that particular department. If you purchased a parking permit for Spring 2020, you can be prorated a refund after the March 16th Shelter in Place date. (this is a 62.5% refund for that permit). For questions about your student account, please contact

Pass/No Pass Grading Option

The Pass/No Pass grade option request deadline has been extended till the end of the semester. This option allows a student to receive the P/NP grade instead of an A, B, C, D, or F grade. Please be aware that not all courses have the Pass/No Pass option -- you will need to check with your instructor about whether your course is eligible. If so, you can request this directly from your teacher and they can record it on their grade submission form at the end of the semester. It is also important that you communicate with a counselor if you are planning to transfer to a university as some colleges do not allow P/NP options. If you have questions about whether this is a good option for you, contact

Cabrillo Promise Program

If you are a Cabrillo College Promise Program recipient and had to withdraw from any Spring 2020 courses due to COVID-19, and fell below full-time enrollment (12 units), you can appeal to be reinstated to the Cabrillo Promise Program. Go to the Promise webpage and complete the appeal form under Appealing your Cabrillo Promise. For other questions about the Cabrillo Promise Program, email

Cancelled Classes

For those of you who may have had courses that were cancelled, you don't need to do anything. The college will be refunding you for any course that was cancelled and we will handle all of that for you. If your course was cancelled, you should have received that information via email from the Instructional Dean over that Division.

CARES Emergency Grant Application

Phase II of CARES emergency grants has begun. The application form can be found on the COVID-19 resources page. Due to the number of applicants exceeding the funds available, students will be selected on a priority lottery system and the grant amount is $500. Please carefully review the application information regarding eligibility for the grants. Contact for any other questions. *There are also emergency grants available for our students who may not be eligible for CARES due to citizenship restrictions. Students in that circumstance can apply for one of these emergency lottery grants


All graduating students who submitted their petitions to an Academic Counselor by the deadline of April 17, 2020 will be included in the Cabrillo Graduation Virtual Ceremony scheduled for May 22, 2020 at 4pm. This includes students who petitioned in Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. Students who were registered in our Transfer Center are also included in our commencement ceremony. Students will receive an email that asks them complete registration steps to simply ensure we pronounce your name correctly in the ceremony by May 10. It is not a required step to be honored in the virtual ceremony. All students who made the petition deadline will be honored in the ceremony whether or not the ceremony registration was completed. If you have ANY questions about graduation, contact us at You can also visit the graduation website. If students are having problems specifically registering with their name pronunciation for the virtual graduation, please contact

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