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Cabrillo College Status

Fall semester delayed due to fires — Starts August 31st

Registration for Fall classes is open now. To register, visit Cabrillo’s Schedule of Classes page.

See all the dates and deadlines for the semester.

Fall 2020 classes, services, and activities will be offered primarily online, except for some classes that require on-campus attendance. We will continue to follow the direction of the Governor’s stay-at-home order, along with the CDC, California Department of Public Health, and Chancellor's Office in determining how to offer courses safely and when to resume in-person operations.

When on-campus instruction takes place, it will be with appropriate practices for sanitizing and social distancing, in accordance with public health guidelines. More details about these measures will be posted soon.

Our computer system is catching up! Like all of us, it wasn't ready for COVID, so it may show some things that aren't correct. We're working on it, so it will be more accurate in the future. Things can definitely be a little confusing right now. So here's some information that can help you navigate your fall course selection:

  • Video Instructions: You can read the written tips and instructions below, or, you can do yourself a favor and watch this really easy and clear video made by our very own Dr. Steve Schessler (aka Dr. Steve) in the English department. Thanks Dr. Steve!
    Watch the "Finding Information about Fall Courses" video!
  • Written Instructions: Fall 2020 classes, services, and activities will be mostly online. The majority of courses offered will not require attendance at scheduled meeting times. Recordings of lectures will usually be available online. However, some courses offered may require students to participate in virtual lectures at set weekly days/times, or have on-campus meetings.
    To find out the "where, when, how and what" for your chosen class, follow these steps:
    1. Find your course in Student Planning and click on a specific section of the course:student planning
    2. The "Section Details" window will pop up. Scroll down in this window:section details
    3. Here, you will see the "Additional Information" section. This is all the info your instructor wants you to know about class meetings, times, and other requirements:student planning
  • If you're still having trouble, we're here to help. Contact for registration questions or email to connect with an academic counselor.

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