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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for being patient with us as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We have information below which can help students and our community get through this together.

FAQs Regarding the Cabrillo College Transition to Online Classes

Please be patient as we work to get out more information. We are working to make this as seamless as possible for our students. Our students are our top priority.
Classes have not been cancelled. They have transitioned to a new format. If you do the coursework, you will receive credit and receive a grade. Classes will transition to an online format. Fortunately, some will have limited class disruption, except being online. We will reach out to students. Classes have not been cancelled for the semester. Please check your Canvas account and check in with your instructors regularly.

General Questions

All online classes will continue.
Labs for online hybrid courses will also be moved online or will be cancelled, however, the remaining online class activities will continue.

Currently, the suspension of in-person classes on the Cabrillo College campus will last at least until April 7th or further notice, based upon guidance from the Santa Cruz County Health Department and the duration of the Shelter In Place Order from the Governor’s Office... We have cancelled all on-campus events through April.

Yes. Our service areas are moving to an online format, such as email, Zoom, Skype or telephone. We are working to transition as quickly as possible and not having face-to-face contact on campus.

All in-person courses and labs taught on the Cabrillo College campus have transitioned online, where possible. As a result, deadlines and tests for in-person classes will be adjusted. Specific changes to deadlines and test schedules will be determined by the instructors for your specific classes.

No. All on-campus lecture and lab classes have moved online or, if not able to be delivered online, have been suspended. If it is an online class and in-person lab, the in-person lab is moved online or suspended during this timeframe. We are working on specialized updates for classes with specialized labs or activities, such as nursing, fire tech, art, hospitality, or kinesiology. Look for more information to be posted as well as shared by your individual instructors.

Your instructor's email is on the syllabus, or is available here, in the Faculty and Staff Directory.. If you do not get a hold of them, try the Department Chair on the College website. They will also be in contact with you about changes to your classes. Please be patient. You can also contact your instructors through Canvas.

We are working diligently to make sure you receive proper credit for course work completed. Grades will still occur. Credits will still be given. Adjustments in teaching styles may occur, although we will work to provide as much support to you through this transition. We encourage students not to quit mid-semester or simply stop showing up. This could create adverse results in regards to grades. We are here to support you and get you the knowledge you need to complete the class.

As of right now, we are issuing refunds for students who have to withdraw from classes, however, because you already have 6 weeks invested in the semester, we encourage you to keep going and earn your credits! We are reviewing this and other possible supports for impacted students.

Email is the best way to get in touch with the following Student Services departments:
Applications, billing info, and general questions:
Enrollment Support/general questions:
Admissions and Records:
Financial Aid and Scholarships:
Academic Counseling:
Transcripts and Evaluations:
Dream Resource Program:
Veterans' Center:
Guardian Scholars (Foster Youth) Program:
Our support staff will be monitoring these emails regularly and will be in contact with you regarding your needs.

The College realizes some students have technological challenges, such as lack of wifi or lack of a laptop. The College is looking into procuring donated laptops and/or Chromebooks for students. The computer labs on campus are closed, unfortunately, however, Cabrillo’s Computer Technology Center (CTC) will be offering remote help via Zoom, beginning March 30.
Library resources can be accessed online
Many who don't have printers can write down the answers on their own paper and upload them using CamScanner to Canvas. The student will need to check with their instructors to see if this is a good option for them.
Students can download the Canvas App to their phones.
We have listed a number of internet options on our resources page.

  • OneSearch: search everything in the library collection at once!
  • Articles & Databases: search individual database collections on specific subjects
  • Library on Social Media Follow us to stay up to date on what's happening at the library! @cabrillocollegelibrary
  • Ask A Librarian Online
      Do you need help with research or citation? Do you have a tech question? We can help!
    • Chat: live chat with a librarian anytime the library is open! (Library Hours)
    • Question Form: we will respond within 24-hours Monday-Friday

Please hold on to your library checkouts until further notice. No late fees are being charged at this time.

We ask students to reach out to the Accessibility Support Center (ASC) directly and let us know your needs. They can be reached individually, via email, from this directory.
If there is a specific question that needs answering, please email
Please note the class and instructor. Thank you.
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