Cabrillo Dance Department and Tandy Beal & Company presents
Prime Movers: History of Dance In Santa Cruz, 1959 to Now

Come celebrate the roots of dance in Santa Cruz with some of the people who made it all begin! Some of the guest artists taught at Cabrillo over 20 years ago and taught for more than 20 years! It’s a 20/20 vision of who’s who in the Santa Cruz history of dance—a family tree of passionate teachers, who have in turn inspired thousands of students, many of whom have now themselves become teachers and artists. It all started in 1959 with one dance class at Cabrillo College taught by Roberta Bristol... and now think of how many dance studios, teachers, students and classes Santa Cruz County has! How did we get here...from there?!
Each guest artist created a piece of the history of dance in Santa Cruz and will share their unique slant on how it all began. They include: JoAnne Bailey, Tandy Beal, Vicki Bergland, Paula Bliss, Roberta Bristol, Kathy Caton, Diana Crosby-Lindsay, Regina DeCosse,  Ruth Fisher, SeSe Geddes, Helen Jackson-Jones, Janet Johns, Connie Kreemer, John and Nancy Lingemann, Nita Little, Wilma Marcus-Chandler, Marsea Marquis, Elaine McCarthy, Marian Olliker, Esteban and Elda Ortiz, Beth Pettengill Riley, Rita Rivera, Diana Rose, Ellen Sevy, Ruth Solomon, Sara Wilbourne.
These movers and shakers who made something out of nothing will each give a short-short story—and a few tall tales! It's a personal perspective on the evolution of dance in Santa Cruz, with photos from the early times.  The evening will be interspersed with dances including:
Tango with John and Nancy Lingemann,
Elda and Esteban Ortiz and Corazon en Flor,
Brazilian dance with Marsea Marquis,
Janet Johns and Esperanza del Valle
Rita Rivera and friends,  
a Cabrillo current student be confirmed!
BethPettengill Riley dancers from Kirby.
JoAnne Bailey solo
and a song by Paula Bliss.

Friday, January 25
7:30 pm
Cabrillo Crocker Theater

Tickets: $17 general
$15 seniors/students
$13 w/SAC card
Includes ticket fees

Proceeds will benefit the Cabrillo Dance Scholarship Fund


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