¡FLAMENCAS! Direct from Spain!
Featuring Dancers Concha Vargas and Gema Moneo and singer Esperanza Fernández.

Direct from Spain, three of the most compelling female flamenco artists on today's scene bring the 10th Anniversary of the Bay Area Flamenco Festival / Festival Flamenco Gitano to Santa Cruz with their premier of ¡Flamencas!. Together they represent the past, present and future of Gypsy flamenco. With their intense female energy and telluric chemistry, dancers Concha Vargas and Gema Moneo and singer Esperanza Fernández will present a thrilling evening of flamenco puro. Joined by an ensemble of top musicians from Spain — including singer José Valencia, guitarists El Perla and José Gálvez, and percussionist Luis de la Tota, this will be an unforgettable evening and a unique opportunity to witness genuine flamenco as it rarely seen outside of Gypsy family gatherings, weddings and grassroots community events.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PodUQ2lrhQA
Artist Bios: http://bayareaflamencofestival.org/Artist_Bios.html
Further information: http://www.BayAreaFlamencoFestival.org

Sun Mar 29, 2015
7:00 pm


Crocker Theatre

venue seating