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Policies and Procedures

  • You must fill out and submit a separate Duplications Request Form (PDF or WORD) for each individual job. Jobs over 25 pages in length are considered READERS. Please see the Reader section below for more details.

To submit job requests:

  • Email completed job request form and documents to
  • Drop off  Duplication request forms to Room 1005 (the Mailroom, under the Library)               
  • It is recommended that departments submit duplication request forms online. See instructions.
  • All Duplication jobs 25 pages or less, including exams (e.g. tests, quizzes, mid-terms and finals) require a minimum turnaround time of 7 working days. (Readers are defined as anything more than 25 pages.)  It is recommended that you submit these jobs via email to
  • Readers (jobs with more than 25 pages) must be submitted by:
    • December 1st for the Spring Semester & Intersession
    • May 1st for the Summer Session
    • June 1st for the Fall Semester
  • 2-week lead-time during peak times; peak times are 2 weeks prior to the beginning, and the first week of each semester.
  • Pick up completed jobs in the Mail Room OFFICE (Room 1005), adjacent to the mail box room/staff lounge, under the Library. The current hours of this office are 8:00AM to 4:00PM. (Completed jobs are NOT put in individual mail boxes for security reasons.)
  • Duplication jobs for Watsonville and Scotts Valley locations will be delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Departments may assume that non-reader print jobs will be ready on the due date referenced on the duplication request form so long as 7 days notice has been provided (unless contacted by duplications staff).

For questions about your jobs please call duplications at x6488.
For instruction about how to submit a job please call duplications at x6488 or stop by their office (Room 1005 Mailroom) during work hours or visit our website at

Duplication Request Forms

  • Duplication Request Forms are located on our website (PDF or WORD) or in Duplications/Mailroom (Room 1005). All jobs submitted without a request form will be returned to the submitter.


    1)      General Instructional Materials:  For general instructional materials related to academic courses within the 5 divisions (BELA, HASS, HAWK, NAS, and VAPA).  Please complete the form as usual, include the department, division, course number and Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) Number. 


    2)      Readers to be sold in the College Bookstore:  See below for further instructions.*


    3)      NEW:  For non-instructional duplications (everything else):  To avoid delay in processing, please have a blanket purchase order (BPO) # or purchase order (PO) ready.   Purchasing will be working with Program/Budget managers to set-up appropriate Print Smith BPO’s and PO's for departments throughout the college.  Non-instructional duplication request requires a Print Smith BPO or PO.  Non-instructional duplications requests that do NOT include a BPO or PO will not be processed until a BPO# or PO# is in place--this will delay your request.   Please work with your Program/Budget managers to make sure a BPO or PO is in place prior to placing a duplications request.  We realize that this is going to be the biggest change and likely be the most challenging aspect of the new system.


  • Be sure that you fill in all necessary information on the request form (i.e., section number, name, due date, delivery location, paper stock, quantity and finishing instructions). If an instruction is not indicated on the request form or e-mail, we will assume that the duty is not required.
  • Email completed request forms, place hard copies into the Duplications' mailbox in the college Mailroom, or deliver directly to the Duplication Services in the Mailroom.
  • Electronic submission is recommended. You can attach a Duplications Request Form (PDF or WORD) and your file and e-mail it to


  • All reader requests must be accompanied with a Duplications Request Form which can be attached to an email submission. Readers are jobs consisting of 25 pages or more in length. Duplication Request Forms are also located in the staff lounge, on our website (PDF or WORD). All jobs submitted without a request form will be returned to the submitter. 
  • READER PROOFING:  Print Smith requires that instructor’s requesting Readers that have not previously been printed at Print Smith approve a final proof copy of the requested Reader.  Requesters of Readers will be notified by Cabrillo Duplications Department staff when their “final proof” is ready for review and authorization at Print Smith (located at 8047 Soquel Dr., Aptos—in Aptos Village, across from Café Sparrow, next to the Bayview Hotel, just down the street and 5 minutes from Cabrillo—open from 8:30-5:00 M-F)
  • For Readers that are sold in the Cabrillo Bookstore, the Bookstore will invoice Departments for unsold Readers.
  • Copyrighted material WILL NOT be duplicated for sale without written authorization from the copyright holder. Please see the copyright laws that are attached.
  • Readers need to be submitted by (in case deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, the deadline will be the following working day):
    • December 1st for the Spring Semester & Intersession;
    • May 1st for the Summer Session
    • June 1st for the Fall Semester

Bookstore Readers


  • Currently the Cabrillo Bookstore is partnering w/Xanedu, a top provider of course materails, and experts at copyright clearances.  To order a Bookstore Reader or to see what other services are available, contact Justin Navarro, Cabrillo's Bookstore's Xanedu account rep at or visit the website at or by phone 415-744-4292.

Carbonless Requests

  • Carbonless requests (NCR) are available. Please fill out the usual Duplication Request form and mark the box under the Paper Stock heading as to which part carbonless you would like. Your choices of carbonless are: 2-part (white/yellow), 3-part (white/yellow/pink), and 4-part (white/yellow/pink/goldenrod).


  • Material must be copy ready BEFORE it arrives in Duplications.
  • The Sharp copier in the staff lounge is for use by College Staff.  Obtain division code from your IDA or from Mail Room Staff.
  • Copies can be completed on 8 ½ x 11 (various colors), 8 ½ x 14 (white only), or 11 x 17 formats (white only).
  • Any prep work should be done before work is submitted.  Work that is not copy ready will be returned to the originator.
  • Work submitted from copyrighted books, magazines and newspapers MUST meet the fair use copyright laws. Work not meeting the law will be returned to the originator. Please see Section II, items A, B and C of the federal copyright guidelines linked to this website under "copyright policy".
  • If you have met the fair use criteria, make a copy from your book or magazine and submit the copy NOT the book or magazine. Be sure to include the Notice of Copyright near the front of the publication.
  • Requests of 25 pages or more are considered readers. See the Reader section for more information.

Hints to improve the quality of your work

  • Pencil or colored ink--won't show up, use black ink.
  • Originals should be on white 20 lb. paper for best quality copies.
  • If your artwork has screened material…send the job electronically for best results.
  • Leave at least 1/4" margin around your text.
  • Paginate, (Number and order pages consecutively:  1,2,3,...etc.)
  • If you have any questions or need help, please call us at 6488!


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