District vehicles are used only for the transportation of students.

All drivers must be pre-approved with a DMV record on file in the Transportation Office (FPPO).  

Vans are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call x6465 to reserve a van.

Drivers can pick up keys between the hours of 7:30-3:30 unless otherwise requested. Each van driver must come in person. Keys will be given only to the driver designated to the reserved vehicle. 

If a gas card is required for longer trips, ALL receipts must be turned in with the credit card and key.  Vans must be returned by the time specified unless FPPO has been notified of the reason for extension.  All vans have locked gas caps. Please be sure to re-lock after fueling.

In case of accident, please follow the instructions on your Vehicle Assignment Form.

When the vehicle is returned, it must be parked in a FPPO parking spot, cleared of all garbage and completely locked, including the gas cap. Please be sure unattended vans are kept locked.

For further information, please see the Board Policy and Administrative Procedure for Use of District Vehicles.

All drivers who will be using a District Vehicle must complete the following three forms:

Driver information form

Driving rules

DMV Authorization for Release of Driver Information


Updated 2/27/15