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Search for a course screenshot

In the search bar in the upper right corner, type in the name or course number of the class you would like to locate.

In this example we are looking for statistics, and so we type “MATH-12.”

If you don’t know the course number, you can also type ”MATH” to bring up all the math classes being taught.

Note: the search will produce a list of all courses that meet any of the parameters of your search.

Filter Results screenshot

From the "Filter Results" (left window pane) click the box next to the semester you intend to enroll in.

In this example we selected “Fall 2019.” All sections of MATH-12 from other semesters will now be excluded from the search results on the right window pane.

Note: The results on the right window pane will display the searched course for all semesters the class is or was available. Therefore, you must filter by the semester you are looking to enroll in.

View available sections screenshot

Select “View Available Sections for Math-12” to select all available sections for the term.

The menu will expand beneath the course results, displaying all available sections that meet your filter criteria.

Selection of your preferred section screenshot

Now you’ll see a list of all sections taught in the term, including course details, such as the day of week, time, locations, and instructor listed. You will also see how many available "seats" are available, or if the class is "waitlisted" along with the number of students on the waitlist already.

To choose a section, click the button that says "Plan this Section."

Another box with additional section information will pop-up.

Selection of your preferred section screenshot

Now you will click the “Plan Section” button to include the section in your student planner.

But be aware! The course has only been "planned" and you have not registered yet!

Selection of your preferred section screenshot

After you click the “Plan Section” button you will receive a “green check-mark” acknowledgement message in the upper right corner of your screen. The message will confirm that your selected course has been “planned on the schedule.”

Note: Carefully review any messages in yellow or red as it may indicate a problem with planning your course. You may need to include a co-requisite course, or the course may be waitlisted.

Return to Plan and Schedule screenshot

Use the page navigation to return to the “Plan and Schedule” screen. Click on “Student Planning,” followed by “Plan & Schedule”

Return to Plan and Schedule screenshot

Use the arrows to navigate to the term you are planning/registering for.

Note: The schedule view defaults to the current semester, so you may need to use the arrows to advance to the next term you are planning for. In this case, we will click the forward arrow to advance from Summer to Fall 2019.

Course registration  screenshot

Select the “Register” button.

You will get a green acknowledgement that you are “Registered, but not started.”

Course registration  screenshot

Congratulations! You have successfully registered for your course!

Note: the registration button and the banner message for the section are dynamic. Once you have registered, the banner turns green, and the button now gives you the option to drop.

Confirm enrollment screenshot

To confirm your enrollment, check your student planner.

Use the page navigation to return to the “Plan and Schedule” screen. Click on “Student Planning,” followed by “Plan & Schedule.”

All successfully registered courses will appear in green in your student planner during the section’s scheduled meeting dates and times.

Note: You will also receive an email confirming your registration in the course.

Instructions for Waitlisted sections screenshot

If your preferred section has a waitlist the process is the same, but instead of saying “Register” the action button will say “Plan Section.”

Select “Plan Section” to include this course in your student planner.

You must then return to the student planner to complete the adding to waitlist process.

Instructions for Waitlisted sections first screenshot Instructions for Waitlisted sections second screenshot

Once you return to the student planner, locate your waitlisted class on the left window pane. Select “Add to Waitlist” to be added to the waitlist.

Notice that the banner and button change. The banner will now say “Waitlisted” and the action button lets you drop from the waitlist.

Note: You are responsible for monitoring your waitlist status and completing the registration process.

Make sure to return to the student planner and register for your waitlisted course within 3 days once a space becomes available.

Instructions for Classes with co-requisite sections screenshot

Some classes require registering in a co-requisite section. Those sections will have a yellow alert banner to let you know what the other required section, or sections, are.

In this example, you can see that MATH-12 section PLUS1 requires registration in MATH-101-PLUS1.


In the right window pane, the yellow-banner will alert you to the co-requisite course(s) required.

Click on the co-requisite course name to search for available co-requisite sections.


Search for available co-requisite sections and continue to add the section to your student planner, and finalizing the registration process.

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