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At Cabrillo Corporate Training we offer coaching services to help a single employee or small group make a big difference in a targeted area.

Here are some examples:

Raquel had a problem. Her employee, Jesse, was often negative and seemed depressed. The company was small and didn't have an EOPS department, and Raquel wanted to help. Jesse was a hard worker and a great guy much of the time, but when he was having a rough month it effected everything. Raquel hired a licensed coach-therapist through Cabrillo Corporate Training to work with Jesse and give him the help he needed. Now Jesse's work habits are much better and Raquel's department is thriving!

Lynn and Larry were stuck. They just didn't get along. They worked in the same department and their work was very interdependent. Their interpersonal issues were getting in the way constantly. The tension was building and it was increasingly difficult for them to perform basic tasks together. It was bringing the department down. Lynn and Larry's boss recognized the problem, and decided to hire a certified coach-mediator through Cabrillo Corporate Training to help them individually and together. Over the course of a few months, Lynn and Larry were able to acknowledge their personal contributions to the issue and agree to a mediated meeting. They came together, made some behavioral agreements and practiced interacting with each other positively. Today, Lynn and Larry have a much healthier relationship that allows them to get their work done on time and up to standards.

Rodney was overwhelmed. As a rising star in the company, he was working hard and trying his best. He had a lot of energy and was well-loved by his team, but he was working longer and longer hours and was feeling overwhelmed. Rodney knew that he was starting to get burned out and that the quality of his work was suffering, so he hired a licensed coach from Cabrillo Corporate Training to help him stay on task. Using the Best Year Yet approach, Rodney gained clarity on his top priorities and got support to implement those. By the end of the year, Rodney and his team were thriving and were granted an award for stellar team performance.

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