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Computer Skills

Save time, save money.

Those two things have always gone together, right? Like Peanut butter and jelly or toast and jam.

One great way to save time? Advance your computer skills! When you no longer have to search through toolbars for the right command, or go to online help to figure out a formula, or sift through 250 e-mails because you haven't sorted and flagged them properly, then you are saving time!!! And saving time means saving money!

Our courses can be delivered in our labs or yours, or even via webinar! Our highly experienced instructors will help you make the most of your tools at the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, manage transitions to new versions of your software, or build systems using your applications. Call us to learn more!

Featured Courses:
Getting the Most from your iPad or iPhone

Don't you just LOVE your new iPad or iPhone? Wouldn't you like to use it to its full capability? Come to this short course to learn how to effectively use your device. The class covers the native applications of the device, including email, editing, keyboard shortcuts, internet surfing, bookmarks, address book, calendar, maps, iCloud syncing and backup.

Effective Outlook e-Mail Management
Learn how to efficiently manage your e-mail by controlling the contents of your Inbox and Sent Items. Learn to search effectively for e-mails sent to you or by you, create folders to organize your emails, employ important tips and tricks such as Rules and Alerts to automate processes, use your email wisely and not make embarrassing mistakes that could cost you business, clients, or the good will of colleagues.

Transition Courses
If you are transitioning to a new version of MS Office (like from 2003 to 2010), we can help you get up and running in a hurry! This short course will show you the generic changes to Office itself; that is the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, efficiency tips and tricks, new file formats, how to work with others who have different Office versions, and getting Help online. In addition the class will cover some application specific information in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You will finish your class feeling prepared and powerful!


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