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DDI Partnership

Cabrillo College Corporate Training has partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI) to make DDI's world-class leadership, workforce and customer service training programs available to local companies.

The collaboration with DDI, a human resource consulting firm widely recognized for leadership and management training programs that improve employee performance, gives the Santa Cruz County business community access to programs that they otherwise would have to train in-house or hire DDI trainers to travel to their site.

For more information, download our facts about DDI's proven programs, and our list of Courses by Audience level.

DDI's courses are:

  • Thoroughly proven to build specific, job-critical competencies and promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance.
  • Flexible to meet your needs.
  • Tried and tested in the world's leading companies.
Completely integratable so you can mix-and-match to create a development program that's tailored to the needs of your audience.


Contact Information

How do I start?
Call the Corporate Training Hotline at (831) 479-6331 to speak to a consultant and receive a free one-hour consultation.
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"This partnership allows Cabrillo College Corporate Training to contribute to the business growth and success of Santa Cruz County by providing the best training and development resources to area companies"
— Claire Laughlin, Consultant at Cabrillo College.

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