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Accolades about our Leadership Programs:


Leadership and Supervisory Training


Many of us are promoted into leadership roles (including supervisory and management roles) without proper training and without much support.

Take charge of your career! Learn what you need to succeed.

The transition from managing yourself to managing others requires a shift in your attention, the development of new skills, and a boost in confidence that comes with trying new things. Leadership development is a journey, and the leaders who succeed are the ones who have a clear destination and a map of the territory to guide them.

Our leadership and supervisory programs are built to help you succeed. Our Supervisory Training Series focuses on giving you the practical skills you need when you are promoted… from managing time and priorities to effective delegation, to managing stress and conflict and more.

Our Leadership Training Series focuses on helping you develop as a leader. Leaders are called upon to provide vision, articulate values, and move groups of people toward new destinations.  To be successful, you need to know and understand your leadership strengths and challenges, mobilize and motivate groups of people to achieve results, and lead your teams through change.  Our leadership programs will help you transform into the leader you want to be. 

We are also proud to deliver The Leadership Challenge® and the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI). We are experts at developing programs that meet your individual needs. Call us for a free consultation: 831.479.6331


Click here to download a case study that
details how we helped Dominican Hospital
develop their leaders and achieve real results.

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