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computer training training workshop

Overview of Programs

Today’s workplace is in constant flux. The skills that you need to stay at the top of your game can shift from one year to the next. In fact, it is said that the average office worker of today, needs a “skills overhaul” at least 7 times in his or her career. What skills do you need to succeed?

At Cabrillo Corporate Training, we can bring a multitude of high-energy, hands-on training programs to your door. For example…

Courses to Improve Leadership
Leadership Training Series, The Leadership Challenge®, Setting and Achieving Goals, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, & Coaching and Counseling.

Courses to Improve Supervision and Management
Supervisory Training Series, Being a Great Supervisor, Managing Time and Priorities, Continuous Quality Improvement, Essential Communication Skills, Customer Service, Building a Team, Delegating, High Impact Feedback & Listening.

Courses to Improve Computer Skills 
Introduction to the Computer, Keyboarding, Navigating the Internet, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Power Point, and Word, Microsoft Windows and File Management, Transition to MS Office 2019, Getting the Most from your iphone, Getting the Most from you ipad, Effective gmail or Outlook Management

Courses to Improve Service
Customer Service Essentials, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Creating a Service Oriented Workplace, Persuasion, Telephone Skills

Courses to Improve Personal Effectiveness
Professional Communication, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Cross Cultural Communication, Dealing with Difficult People, Listening, Nonverbal Communication, Relationship Building

Courses to Improve Teamwork 
Building a Positive Workplace, Team Building, Communication Skills for Teamwork, Making the Change to Teamwork, Leading & Managing Teams

Courses to Improve Meetings and Presentations

Making Meetings Work: Essentials, Making Meeting Work: High Engagement, Facilitator Training Series, Powerful Presentation Skills for Professionals, Powerful Presentations using Power Point

Courses to Improve Performance 
Leading and Managing Performance, Project Management for the Rest of Us, Interviewing & Selecting Team Members and many more...!

Contact Information

How do I start?
Call the Corporate Training Hotline at (831) 479-6331 to speak to a consultant and receive a free one-hour consultation.
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