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CCC Online Course Exchange

The purpose of the CCC Online Course Exchange is to provide access for students to classes that may not be available when they need them at their home (primary) college. The goal is to provide additional access to help students complete their degree goals in a timely manner. Students may enter the Exchange after they have successfully registered for their Cabrillo classes within Cabrillo's registration system.

4/26/18 The Online Course Exchange is undergoing work to provide a more stable and robust user experience. This website will be updated soon after the work is completed.

Here's How it Works

    1. There are some late starting OEI Exchange Courses available now for registration, see the list. Students may use this link to Enter the Course Exchange using their WebAdvisor username and password.
      At this time only students who are attending Consortium member colleges have access to the Course Exchange. They must be enrolled in at least one course at their home college.

      Additionally there is a very small category of students who are not eligible to participate in the Exchange even if they are attending member colleges. This is because these programs and groups have their own programmatic limitations regarding taking online courses that are outside the scope of the Course Exchange. (e.g. out-of-state, high school students)

      After logging in, a pre-filled Open CCCApply admission application (which you completed when you first applied at your Home College) will be made available for your review. Once you verify that the information is accurate, you will be required to electronically submit it for admission to the Teaching College.

      Yes. Any student interested in taking a class through the Exchange will be required to complete the Home College’s matriculation steps of New Student Orientation, Math and English Assessments, and completion of a Student Education Plan. 

      Once completed, this information will be shared with the Teaching College and you will not have to retake any of the steps at the Teaching College. 
    2. Register for as many of the courses you need at your home college first.
    3. Look for the Course Exchange Link on the screen when you receive confirmation that you have successfully registered at your home college.

Who qualifies to register in the Exchange?

    • You must have completed your college orientation, assessment tests, and have an electronic education plan on file with your counselor.
    • You must be enrolled in at least one course at your home college in order to enroll in the Exchange courses, and be a California resident.
    • You may only enroll in 2 Exchange courses per semester.

...for more information, check out the CCC Online Course Exchange FAQ.


All Exchange courses are fully online. If you are not sure that you would be a successful online learner, you can check out some information that is designed to help you determine if you are ready: Quest Online Readiness Tutorials.


Need more classes? Enter the Course Exchange to find additional courses.


Student Support

  1. Questions can be posted to the site. Sign up today and get California Community College questions answered on CCCApply, OpenCCC, Course Exchange, MyPath Portal, Common Assessment and the California Virtual Campus.
  2. Course Exchange Student Phone Support 1-877-247-4836

About the OEI

The OEI is sponsored by the Foothill-De Anza Community College District, in partnership with the Butte-Glenn Community College District and its CCC Technology Center at Butte College as recipients of a $56.9 million five-year grant disbursed by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO). The Online Education Initiative represents a comprehensive and collaborative program that leverages best practices and technology to significantly increase the opportunity for higher education degree attainment in California.

Who offers Exchange Classes through Cabrillo?

The OEI also uses a course review process to ensure the quality of the transfer courses that are offered in the exchange. Experienced online instructors applied and were selected along with their course content to participate in the exchange. It is important to note that an OEI course and the faculty member teaching that course is a state wide distinction in teaching excellence in online education at the California Community Colleges.

The following are eligible to teach courses in the OEI Exchange:

    • Heather Claussen (Anthropology)
    • Liz Roberts (Sociology)
    • Jennifer McGuire (English)
    • Don Carlisle (Economics)
    • Julian Kearns (Economics)
    • Wendy Norris (Digital Media)
    • Francine Van Meter (Digital Media)
    • Phil Carr (Criminal Justice)  
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