Welcome back!

The semester is about to begin. Please read a few reminders from the ASC about starting out prepared for a successful fall 2017.

Classes begin on Monday, August 28th. The ASC will have Drop In meetings available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday, for the first two weeks. These are short meetings specifically for accommodations. It's best if you have attended your classes at least once to get your syllabus so you have a better idea of which accommodations to request.

Students DO NOT make appointments for drop-in. Just come to the ASC and sign in at the front desk to be seen by the next available ASC Faculty.

To make the most of a drop-in session, please review your student planning page in your WebAdvisor before coming in. We do not provide educational planning in these meetings. You must make an appointment with the front desk staff for a date later in the semester to review your plan and discuss other issues. You can do this when you come for drop-in or call the office at 479-6379 or 6370 for an appointment.

Remember, in order to maintain your eligibility for ASC services, you must maintain contact with ASC at least once a year. You may make an appointment for ed. planning or for any other reason you may have to see an ASC counselor or Learning specialist throughout the semester.

Check out the Learning Skills Reduced Test Anxiety Lab (LS200L, Section number 98811) a one unit lab teaching techniques to improve test performance by reducing test anxiety.

Note: The following two classes are not being offered this fall semester: LS200 & LS264

Everyone in ASC wishes you a successful semester!