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Employers: Cabrillo Extension can create an account for your company that allows your employees to register for our classes pending your approval. With the company account we can then invoice you when your employees register for a Cabrillo Extension class. A company account will allow you to review your company information, approve any registration requests made by your employees, review your student-employees and print their transactions.

Follow this link to submit information that will allow us to establish a company account for your business.

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Starting Your Own Nonprofit

If you are thinking of starting a nonprofit business this class will demystify and explain the nonprofit start-up process for you. After learning the advantages and restrictions of running a nonprofit you will be able to decide if a nonprofit start-up is the best choice for you. You'll learn about the privileges and restrictions nonprofits face, how to deal with government agencies, alternatives to a nonprofit and an understanding of the application and approval process.

Instructions on the new streamlined IRS exemption process will be included.

Sat., April 18

10 am - 1 pm
Room 432

Register by Feb. 23: $62
Register after Feb. 23: $74

Class fee includes workbook


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Josh Wagner runs the Santa Cruz consulting firm PlanRight, which provides a user-friendly approach to nonprofit start-up. PlanRight serves hundreds of client organizations around the country.


Record Keeping for Small Business

This class will reveal the mysteries of accounting in plain language and give you everything a non-accountant saddled with keeping "the books" needs to know. Concepts and processes covered in this class will include: the bookkeeping cycle, accrual vs. cash vs. tax accounting, and the chart of accounts, journals and general ledger.

Double entry and single entry bookkeeping will be explained without the pain of "debit and credit" journal entries. Learn accounting concepts, FASB and GAAP all in one class. This is an excellent prerequisite for those wishing to maintain their accounting records either manually or using computerized systems.

NEW DATE: Sat., May 16
9 am - 1 pm
NEW ROOM: Room 314

Fee: $56


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Cathy Van Loon, MA, is an Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and has been teaching QuickBook at Cabrillo since 2003 and other accounting courses since 1985.


Quickbooks Pro for the Small Business Owner

QuickBooks Pro is one of the most widely used accounting programs for small businesses. This class will lead you through the set-up and use of the software for basic accounting functions including writing and printing checks, tracking income and expenses, generating financial statements, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing and more.

The class is taught in a computer lab so that students may gain hands-on experience with the software. Purchase of QuickBooks Pro 2010 is not required, but purchasing "QuickBooks Pro for Dummies" is recommended for those who do not own the software.

Students without bookkeeping experience are recommended to take the Recordkeeping for Small Business class.

Students must bring a USB Memory Disk of at least 1 GB of memory to class. Mac users are welcome to bring their own laptops with QuickBooks already installed.


4 Sat., June 6 - 27
9 am - 1 pm
Room: 507

Register by Feb. 23: $195
Register after Feb. 23: $214
Carol Jensen - see bio below


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Advanced QuickBooks

This advanced class is designed for those who are experienced with QuickBooks and who are looking for insight on how to deal with the more difficult issues that advanced users often face. Some of the topics covered are: inventory, accounting issues and solutions, tracking and managing sales tax, working with and resolving payroll issues, effective use of remote access, job costing, time tracking and much more.

The class is a hands-on course. Students must have previous experience with QuickBooks Pro software.

9 am - 1 pm
Room 507

Register by Feb. 23: $65
Register after Feb. 23: $76


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Carol Jensen specializes in financial aspects of start-up businesses and she is a Registered Tax Preparer (CTEC). Carol has taught QuickBooks and Real Estate classes at Cabrillo for many years.


Leading Meetings that Matter
Just what you need: A meeting about meetings! Unfortunately, many of the meetings we organize and attend prove to be a waste of time, energy and money! This class ensures that the meetings you lead will be purposeful and productive.
In this class you will...

  • Write an effective agenda
  • Design a meeting process that gets results using the RPR method.
  • Engage the right people at the right time
  • Set effective “rules of engagement” that bring out the best in your meeting participants
  • Stimulate the “right kind” of conflict in a meeting
  • Capture action items effectively
  • Address some of the benefits and limitations of web-based meetings

Mon., May 4    
6:00 - 9:00 pm                    
Cost: $58
Location: Aptos Campus, Room 1522

     register online


Wed., May 6    
2:00 - 5:00 pm                    
Cost: $58

Location: Aptos Campus, Room 1522

     register online


Michelle Waters - see bio below


Presenting with Confidence
The old adage states that many people dread speaking in public than death. For most of us, however, speaking in public creates mild but manageable anxiety. Having something to say and being able to say it well empowers all involved! In this course you will...

  • Learn 5 ways to quickly organize your thoughts when you are asked to present
  • Discern between 3 common speaking purposes and know how each influences your content
  • Consider your audience and let them co-author your speech
  • Review important tips and tricks for creating great visual aids
  • Play with delivery skills that will help your audience get the most from your message

Date: Mon., May 11      
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm                    
Cost: $58
Location: Aptos Campus, Room 1522


     register online


Date: Wed., May 13    
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 pm                    
Cost: $58

Location: Aptos Campus, Room 1522


     register online

Michelle Waters is a senior instructor for Cabrillo’s Corporate Training program. She’s taught hundreds of clients how to work effectively in teams, prepare powerful presentations and deliver quality customer service.


How to Become a Mystery Shopper

Would you like to get paid to go shopping, eat out, play golf, plus more? Would you like to participate in programs that bring about improvements for both the company and the consumer? Learn how mystery shopping works, how to avoid the scams, what types of reports are used, the do’s and don’ts of getting hired and how you can get into the “shopper’s network.” You will leave the class fully prepared to begin your exciting new journey. Plus you will have the added advantage of learning from a hands-on shopper who can give you first-hand information and referrals.

10 am - 1 pm
Room: 432

Register by June 8: $42
Register after June 8: $48

$20 materials fee payable to instructor in class for a comprehensive book.


register online

Elaine Moran has been a mystery shopper for over 20 years. She currently gives classes and workshops at over 20 colleges and authored the book “How to Become a Mystery Shopper, Your Complete Guide to Secret Shopping.”




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