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Cabrillo Extension Instructor Handbook

This handbook provides important information about teaching with Extension. Please carefully read all the sections and sign your name on the last page to confirm you have read and understand the information provided. This handbook is updated as needed. To ensure that you are aware of any updates, we will identify the changes for you as we provide the revised versions.

If you have any questions about the information included here, please feel free to call the Extension office.

For quick reference, use the links below to jump to specific sections of the handbook.




Email is or call us at 831-479-6331 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. We regularly have staff on-campus on Saturdays, but they are generally moving around supporting classes.


Please note that anyone teaching or assisting with a youth camp is required to follow the guidelines detailed in this handbook, and those detailed in the SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR GUIDELINES supplement.



If you have an emergency that involves the health or safety of you or your students, please dial 911.

If you have an “instructional emergency”, such as you cannot access a room, etc., you may contact the Sheriff’s Office, who has a deputy on campus Monday through Friday, 7am to midnight and Saturdays, 9am to 5pm, by calling the non-emergency dispatch at 831-471-1171. If your technology is not working, you may contact the Computer Technology Center (CTC) at 831-477-5286. The CTC hours are subject to change based on the Cabrillo academic semesters. The most updated hours and information will be included on the back side of your class packet. The sheriff can help you with room access or safety issues, and CTC can help with technology challenges, and may open the room for you if you are unable to gain access.


In the event that you are ill and cannot teach please contact the Extension office via phone immediately. We can discuss options with you including cancelling class, rescheduling, or finding a substitute. This is handled on a case by case basis and will depend on the class, how much notice we have, etc. but we will work directly with instructors to make a determination about the best solution for the students. If you need to reach an Extension staff member between Friday at 5pm or Monday at 9am due to illness or some other emergency that may prevent you from teaching your class, please email both Jill Gallo at and Scott Johnson at


When weather conditions cause safety concerns for students and/or equipment, we consider the effect that this has on the quality and overall success of the class. We allow instructors to use their discretion and good judgement when deciding whether to hold a class when weather is a concern. If you believe predicted weather conditions indicate you may decide to make a day-of-class cancellation, you may request a roster with student phone numbers iun advance so that you may have iit with you in the event of a weather related cancellation. If you decide to cancel the class due to weather, we ask that you make contact with each student by phone.


If you are unable to access your classroom because you do not have the key, or the key is not working, please call the Extension Office at (831) 479-6331. If it is outside of our normal business hours, please call the Computer Technology Center (CTC) at 831-477-5286, or the non-emergency Sheriff’s Office dispatch at 831-471-1171. The CTC will be able to assist in providing access to your classroom as well as technology related challenges you may face in the classroom. The CTC hours are subject to change based on the Cabrillo academic semesters. The most updated hours and information will be included on the backside of your packet.


In the event of an issue, such as unexpected lack of access to space, tools, equipment, or any other unforeseen situation that could potentially diminish the quality of student’s experience, please tell participants exactly what is going on. Based on the situation, and any alternatives you may be able to make available, give them the option to stay, or to go home and receive a full refund. If there is a situation that means they will not have access to everything we published then we will offer a full refund, no exceptions.


All student incidents and injuries must be reported immediately to Cabrillo Extension. Please click the link below and complete the Cabrillo College Incident Report and submit the form to the Cabrillo Extension Office immediately. Incident Report Forms are also available in the Cabrillo Extension office and forms are included in your packet. All incidents must also be reported to the Cabrillo Extension office via phone or email immediately.
Cabrillo College Incident Report


Extension creates a contract for each class that you teach. This contract will detail room number, class schedule, terms of compensation, and other information we need in order to get you paid. We send these via email prior to the start of the term. Please review these carefully and discuss any concerns with us.

Your compensation may be affected by discounts we offer to students. Cabrillo employees are afforded a 30% discount on all Extension classes. Some classes also have early bird or quantity (Bring-a-Friend) discounts. All of these discounts are designed to promote increased enrollment, and therefore increase your compensation if you are being paid based on a percent of revenue model. If you have any questions about your compensation or the discounts we offer, please let us know and we are happy to help!

We need to have signed contracts back in our office well in advance of your class start date in order to be sure we can get you paid promptly. The best approach is to return your signed contract immediately after you receive it from Extension. You may send an electronic version that has been signed and scanned, mail the signed copy to our office, or feel free to come and drop it off in person!

To ensure that you receive your compensation in a timely manner, it is necessary that you notify Extension if you currently hold, or accept at any time during the term, any other assignments with Cabrillo College. Payment cycles differ depending on whether you are classified as an employee, independent contractor, etc. and without proper notice, delays can occur as we must comply with strict Cabrillo Business Office, HR, and IRS guidelines. You must immediately notify the Cabrillo Extension Assistant Director if you currently hold or accept any other assignments in the Cabrillo College District. Failure to do so will result in complications and delays in your payment.



Extension instructors may log-in to our registration system to check rosters for future, current (in progress), and past classes. You can access it by selecting “Log-in” from the “Instructor” menu on our homepage, or click HERE. If you have lost or forgotten your profile information, please call or email us, and we will have a profile notice sent to you with your log-in information.


Parking is enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This parking policy applies to everyone. ALL Extension instructors need a parking permit to avoid receiving a parking citation. Parking permits will be issued by the Extension office and included in your packet. Please remind your students that no matter the time of day, day of the week, or the location of their class, EVERYONE needs a permit to park on campus. Daily permits may be purchased at the parking permit dispensers which are available at each parking lot on campus.


Whether you are a new instructor or a seasoned instructor, we require that you schedule a time with one of our staff members for a room walk through. We want to be absolutely certain you are good to go with the keys, alarm codes, classroom technology, and any other miscellaneous equipment necessary to conduct your class.  This must be done at least 2 weeks prior to your class start. Keep in mind that in order to complete a room walkthrough with you, we have to coordinate your schedule with the room availability and Extension staff availability, so please schedule a room walkthrough as early as possible.


The Extension office provides a CLASS PACKET for each class you offer. It may be picked up before your class, or we will deliver the packets (large ORANGE envelope) to the classroom for you, generally the evening prior to class start. Please let us know which you prefer. This packet contains the following:

Class Sign-in Sheet:

This is a list of students who have registered for your class that is generated from our registration system. Please note that since we leave registration open up to class start time some students may not appear on the class sign-in sheet if they registered after the class sign-in sheet was printed. To confirm if they registered after we printed your class sign-in sheet, you may ask these students to show you printed proof of registration, or their email confirmation (if they have a smart-phone with email access). If they do not have the confirmation, ask them to complete a walk-in registration form with all of their contact information, and provide that to the Extension office on the next business day so we can verify they registered for the class, or complete a registration with them over the phone and take payment.

Walk-in Registration Form:

If there are students who come to class who do not appear on the Class Sign-in Sheet they MUST register with you (for liability reasons) by completing the Walk-in Registration Form and paying the fees directly to you, or completing the Walk-in Registration Form with their credit card information. Please return any walk-in registration forms to Extension immediately following your class. We have a locked drop box on the outside of our office, building 2100A.

Extension Class Catalog:

This will help you and a walk-in registration student determine the fee students need to pay for your class.


When you submit a course proposal we require that you to detail all of your technology needs. A few weeks prior to your class date we will schedule time for you to come to the college and review things like use of wireless internet (if you requested an account), projectors, smart boards, Elmos, computer log-ins, etc. If anything regarding technology needs changes after you have submitted your class proposal please contact the Extension office immediately so we may determine how to best address that change.

If you are planning on using your own laptop during class, we will need to know exactly what type of computer you will use to be certain there are appropriate connections available for projecting.

The “path of least resistance” is to use a computer provided in the classroom because we know it works with the projector. You can bring any presentation, files, etc. on a flash drive and utilize the computer in the room to project. If you really feel you need to use your own computer, we’ll need to do a “test-run” in the classroom with you and your computer at least 2 weeks before your class as part of your room walk-through. Connections vary based on the type of computer you are using so the test run is essential. Please note, not all classrooms have computers!

Computer Access: The username and password for Extensions instructors to log on to computers inside the classroom changes regularly according to Cabrillo security protocols. The most up-to-date password is provided to you on the inside flap of your class packet.

If you are in need of computer or technology assistance, or if you are unable to access your classroom, you may call the following numbers for assistance:

  • Call the Extension Office at 831-479-6331, Hours / Monday – Friday / 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • If no one answers, Call the Computer Technology Center (CTC) at 831-477-5286

Please note that CTC hours are subject to change based on the Cabrillo academic semesters. The CTC has different hours of availability for the fall, spring and summer semesters. The most updated hours and information will be included on the backside of your packet. Please check their web site for detailed information about their hours:


HANDOUTS AND OTHER IN-CLASS PRINT MATERIALS                                                   

Many instructors provide handouts or other print material for students. We make every effort to help you provide these handouts, but the size of the class, as well as the length of your handouts will have an impact on how these may be produced. These are the basic guidelines regarding class handouts:

Before classes are published or open for registration, instructors must verify the size/length and nature of handouts. We can discuss options for sharing information with students, such as posting resources to our webpage, or making handouts or class handbooks for you. These details must be verified before the class is published/open for registration so that we may make all of the information available to students in the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective way possible.

If you need Extension to make photocopies we ask that instructors submit Microsoft Word originals, not PDF’s, via email no fewer than 4 weeks prior to the class start date. If they are submitted to us fewer than 4 weeks prior to class start, we will make every effort to make the copies for you, but cannot guarantee they will be available for class.

Please be sure the following information is NOT on your handouts:

  • Class date, time, or location – this information is published on our website, in our registration system, and in the catalog. Handouts that include this information can easily cause confusion regarding rooms, dates or times.
  • Your contact information – it is important that Extension is the “first stop” on the student’s road to getting information. If a student needs specific, content related information, we pass them directly to you. If their inquiries include broader college or Extension policies, we will provide those answers. When they start with Extension we can assure that the right person is answering their questions.


  • Materials and supplies that students are required to purchase or bring to class: Many of you create materials or supply lists that detail what students should bring to class. These are posted to the website as “Class Letters” (see below under “Information About Your Class”) and so they must be submitted to the Extension office before classes are published or open for registration. If you have a materials list, it should be provided with your class confirmation, so we can post it to the website as soon as the class is open for registration.
  • Materials and supplies that Extension or instructors purchase/bring: There may also be supplies or materials that need to be purchased. There are two ways to handle this:


  • Let us know what you need and we will set up a materials fee to be collected upon registration, then we purchase the supplies for you. This requires advance notice from you with details about items to be purchased.
  • In ALL cases, please discuss with Extension the total expenditures you plan to make BEFORE making the purchases. There are details to consider such as shipping, handling, tax, time to process orders or make purchases, etc. We want to work with you prior to purchases being made to be sure we stay within a budget for your particular class.


If you ARE an employee of the college we can reimburse you if you:

  • Submit all original receipts. Copies are not accepted.
  • Submit receipts that include only the purchases for which you are requesting reimbursement.
  • A signed completed Employee Reimbursement Form, which is available from the Business office website HERE
  • Please note reimbursements over $200 require approval prior to making any purchases.

If you ARE NOT an employee of the college you may invoice us for the amount you spent on supplies. You will be compensated as 1099 taxable income. No need for receipts in this case, but we require an invoice for the amount you spent and the name and date of the class, AND YOUR SIGNATURE ON THE INVOICE. Please attach a detailed list of what you purchased to your invoice.

Reimbursement Request Forms and invoices MUST be submitted by the last date of your class.


We often check out keys, key cards and alarm codes to our instructors. We want to make sure all instructors have access to their classroom before their class begins so we will now require you to return your key(s) and/or key-cards as noted on the contract, which is the date your last class concludes.

When you come into the office to pick up keys or key cards, we will update your contract with information about keys or key cards that have been checked out to you. We have a limited number of keys/key cards available, and we often need to provide the key we have given you to another instructor who teaches in the same classroom after you. In order to assure that we have keys available to instructors who need them, all instructors are required to return any key(s) and/or key-cards that have been checked out to them no later than the last date of class. Keys and key cards can be dropped off in the locked drop-box outside of the Extension office if returned after hours.

We often issue alarm codes to instructors for rooms that are alarmed. If your classroom is alarmed, during your walkthrough we will make sure you are comfortable using the temporary code on the alarm panel to arm and disarm the alarm. Please note that alarm codes are specific to the people using them, not the room.


When you leave the classroom please be sure to ALWAYS do the following:

  • Return desks, tables and instructor podium to their original condition. We must all be good stewards of the shared space! Another class may be scheduled within 30 minutes of your class concluding. It is time consuming, and may have a negative impact on students, if instructors do not expect to have to re-arrange the room as their class begins. (If you find a room in disarray when you arrive, please take note of this and notify Extension immediately)
  • Turn off all technology – projectors, computers, screens, etc.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Lock the door/turn on the alarm if there is one. If the room has an alarm, and you found it unarmed, please arm the alarm. This is literally a “better safe than sorry” situation.



Extension produces several print catalogs each year. These catalogs are mailed to groups of Santa Cruz county residents that range between 6,000 and 55,000, depending on which catalog. Our staff also distributes catalogs throughout the county at public and private businesses, community centers, libraries, galleries, etc. We regularly update our website with your class listing, photographs, and bios. From the website, students can view campus maps, download a PDF of the printed catalogs, register and pay for classes on-line, and view additional information about your class, such as materials lists or special communications from you.

Extension sends regular, targeted email campaigns using advanced email marketing software that is aligned with our registration system. We use this tool to share information with students based on their interests and registration history. Our relationship with the students is one we treat with care and respect at all times.


You can increase your student base by helping to promote your class(es)! Here are a few steps that instructors take to reach students interested in their class:

  • Take Extension catalogs to places in the community - your favorite coffee shop, art gallery, library, or museum.
  • Post/send the link for your class on webpages or in newsletters of professional associations you may belong to. Ask us and we’ll provide you with that link!
  • Send information about your class to email lists of friends, family, customers, or colleagues.
  • Post to your Facebook page, tweet about it, Instagram something cool to your friends. Make it fun!
  • Provide information about your class to community groups through presentations, sharing catalogs, etc.


In addition to the class description that is published on our website, and in our catalog, instructors may write a “Class Letter” to offer details such as required materials and suggestions about where to purchase them, directions for off-site classes, or what to bring or wear.  These letters will be posted to our website, and students are prompted to review them when they view the class description. For some examples of class letters, please visit our Class Resources page on the Extension Website. Class letters must be provided to Extension before classes are published or open for registration, and letters should be provided in electronic format.

Please be sure the following information is NOT on your “Class Letter”:

  • Class date, time, or location – this information is on our website and in the catalog. Class letters that include this information can easily cause confusion if rooms, dates or times need to be changed.
  • Your contact information – it is important that Extension is the “first stop” on the student’s road to getting information. If a student needs specific, content related information we pass them directly to you. If their inquiries include broader college or Extension policies, we will provide those answers. When they start with Extension we can assure that the right person is answering their questions.

Once the print catalog is published we cannot make changes, but we often add information to the website and email students from our registration system with special communications from instructors.


All communications regarding Extension classes must be channeled through the Extension office. We take our relationship with our students very seriously, and as such protect their privacy and do not use the contact information they share with us for anything except Extension related class information. Please do not collect or request student emails or phone numbers in class.

All students receive an email confirming registration, as well as a reminder about their class 3 days prior to the start date. Both of those messages include the basics of class title, location, and time. We also regularly email students with additional helpful information about how to find the classroom, parking, what to bring, new classes available, or spots that open up in your class if there was a wait list. When time permits, we also call students to remind them of important information.

Extension can use our registration system to send any message you need to students. We regularly share information with our students via email about upcoming classes, including photos, instructor bios, and other information that helps them find their way to just the right class. If you have new information about yourself that you'd like to share with students, let us know!


We send an email to students following the conclusion of their class that includes a link to our on-line survey/student feedback form. This is also available on our website, HERE. We ask for student feedback about everything from parking, website and schedule, to instruction and content related questions. We use program feedback to make improvements to course offerings, website information and other services we provide to students.

We provide paper evaluations only if you make that request prior to class. Please encourage your students to respond to the email we send and submit their feedback. If students complete paper evaluations, instructors are required to return all completed evaluations to the Extension office immediately after class. We have a mail slot in front of our office so you can drop them off.

Only the Extension evaluation form may be used for Extension students. All of the feedback from students is reviewed by the Director or Assistant Director. Feedback relating to class content will be passed on to you.


We love to see photos of you and your students that we may use in the catalog or on the website! Students sign a photo release during on-line registration and agree to photos during phone registration. Please share photos you have taken with Extension, and respect students privacy by not using any of those images without permission from Extension.

By signing your name below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to comply with the information stated In the Cabrillo Extension Instructor Handbook in its entirety.

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