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money and investment

Money & Investments Classes

Introduction to Smart Investments

Whatever your dreams for happiness, financial freedom makes them even more attainable. This introductory investment class will give you the tools to help you define your goals with a realistic and definite timeline. You will also learn of many financial investments available to you such as:

  • Stocks - Primary and Secondary Markets, Dividends and Growth
  • Bonds - Municipal, Corporate and Government
  • Mutual funds
  • Tax Advantaged Investment

Coming Soon
7 - 9 pm
Room: Horticulture 5001
Register by Sept. 12: $64
Register after Sept. 12: $75

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Galaham Zuanich - see bio below


Retirement Planning - A Common Sense Approach

Do you dream of retiring? Are you wondering if what you’ve saved is enough? Have you thought about how you will recreate your paycheck in retirement? This class will help you assess your retirement needs and develop a retirement income plan. We will explore the risks associated with retirement and discuss simple steps to get your retirement off to a strong start.

7 - 9 pm

Room: Horticulture 5001

Register by Sept. 12: $64
Register after Sept. 12: $75

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Galaham Zuanich is an associate vice president with Morgan Stanley and has been a financial advisor for 12 years. He has a BS in Commerce Finance.


College Planning: Finding Colleges That Fit and How to Afford Them

Are you concerned about your child’s path to college? Do the application requirements and deadlines seem confusing? Is it hard to imagine how you can afford to pay for one (or more) college educations? If you are a parent with a middle or high school student, this class will help you and your student prepare for college. We’ll discuss how to search for colleges that fit, understand what admission committees are looking for, write that dreaded essay and create an excellent resume.

Even if your child gets in to the college of their choice, paying for college is the one of the largest expenditures most parents will face in their lifetimes. In this class we will discuss strategies that can help you reduce college costs through planning, various savings methods, and tax strategies. We will also discuss how you can maximize potential financial aid with some advanced planning.

This class will help you get through the selection and application process, and avoid many of the common mistakes that can cost your family hard-earned money.

High school students are encouraged to attend Session 1 with their parent(s) at no extra cost.

6:45 - 8:45 pm
Room: 432

Register by Sept. 12: $54
Register after Sept. 12: $62


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Stephen Shapiro CPA, CFP, has advised individuals on financial matters for over 20 years and has led financial workshops since 1989.

Maureen Casey, MA is a credentialed California instructor and Administrator and a principal at Casey Educational Consulting. She is a college counselor at Bellarmine Preparatory and Educational consultant specializing in middle school through college age students and families offering college preparatory academics and guidance.


Home Buyers Workshop


Home Buyers Workshop Owning a home is the American Dream. It’s an ideal way to create wealth for your family and build a nest egg for college or retirement. But buying a home can be a complicated process, and with federal regulations and guidelines that lenders must follow changing over the recent years this has added even more information for home buyers to review and understand.

This class will not only help you understand the home buying process but also make it easier by offering expertise and resources to help first-time or repeat home buyers make an informed decision. This class is designed to inform potential buyers about the complete home-buying process and prepare them to apply for a home loan.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Figure out how much you can afford
  • What’s a credit score and why is it so important?
  • What types of loans programs are available and what may be best for me?
  • Are there down payment assistance programs that I can apply for?
  • What is a pre-approval and do I need it?
  • Shopping for a home and making an offer
  • What role does a Real Estate agent play in my purchase?
  • What are disclosures and contingencies?
  • How do I deal with all the loan application and escrow forms?
  • How long does this whole process take?

Even if you are not yet ready to purchase a home, this workshop may help you to develop a plan to improve your readiness.

9 am - 12 noon
Room: HORT 5001
Register by Sept. 12: $59
Register after Sept. 12: $65


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Steve Principe was trained as a bank Loan Officer in 1985.  He has experience with consumer, commercial and real estate lending.  He has been originating mortgages exclusively here in Santa Cruz since 1996 and currently works as a Manager and Loan Officer in the Santa Cruz office of Stearns Home Loans.

Jennifer Walker grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and has spent her career in local real estate and residential finance. She started in 1990 as an assistant to a Realtor, her real estate “boot camp”. Her diverse experience includes working for a builder, commercial appraiser, farmer and an attorney. Jennifer is currently a Loan Officer at Stearns Home Loans.


Build Your Dream House

dream house

Times have changed. It's more difficult to buy a house and in many parts of the country house prices are still too high. There is another way. You can build your own house and be mortgage free in just a few years without the worries about losing your house to foreclosure.

This 3-hour class will steer you in the right direction to building your own house for the least amount of money. Learn how to: buy land at county tax sales; buy materials for next to nothing and build it green, too; design your house for ease of construction; live on your property rent free while you build; use unconventional financing; and get the best help for the least cost.

10 am - 1 pm
Room: 435

Register by Feb. 29: $50
Register after Feb. 29: $58

plus $20 text payable at class


register online

David Cook, author of Build Your Dream House for a Song, is a former salesman and restaurant owner. He'd barely picked up a hammer before starting work on his dream house in Marin County. Since building his house in Northern California, David Cook has started teaching would-be homebuilders his secrets to home ownership--truly believing that everyone should be able to live in a dream home he or she owns free and clear.


Foreclosures: Less Risk, More Rewards

Many people want to buy residential properties in foreclosure at substantial discounts but don’t know how to uncover title or debt to establish equity. Warren has taught hundreds of people over 20 years how to make such purchases with minimal risk and cash.

This three-hour workshop illustrates the four-part foreclosure process with handouts and emphasizes how to buy the best discounted properties at trustees’ sales. This can be a rewarding investment of your time and money. Topics include:

  • The complete foreclosure process
  • How to uncover the best discounted property
  • Risks and rewards of purchasing property
  • How to step through the total research process to establish actual equity through governmental support available in all California counties.

10 am - 1 pm
Room: 435
Register by Feb. 29: $48
Register after Feb. 29: $54


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Warren Racine has been a licensed real estate agent/ broker for over 40 years. He has taught thousands of people how to uncover title and debt to establish equity in residential properties in foreclosure. He has been teaching his workshops throughout california for over 30 years.


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