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Supervisory Academy Training Series

Cabrillo Extension can create an account for your company, department or business that allows your employees to register for our classes pending your approval. After approval from someone in your organization, via a simple online interface, Extension can invoice you for your employees' registration in a Cabrillo Extension class. Your company account will allow you to review your company information, approve registration requests made by your employees, review your employees enrollments, and print transactions.

For More information about our "Company Accounts" and how they may be helpful for you and your staff, click here: FAQ Company Accounts

Follow this link Request for Company Account to submit information that will allow us to establish a company account for your business.


Summer Supervisory Training Academy

Being a supervisor can be difficult! You have a lot of responsibility, and usually, very little training. This program was designed to change all of that! The Cabrillo College Supervisory Academy is a 8-week program designed to help you develop your skills and become a better supervisor. You can pick and choose which modules are best for you, or attend all 8!

In our weekly meetings, you will learn...

  • Skills that will make your job easier
  • To know yourself better as a supervisor and make effective choices about your leadership development
  • Time management and priorities
  • Better communication with your staff
  • Team building skills
  • Stress and conflict management
  • How to Motivate your employees toward better performance

Thursday Morning Series:

July 9 - August 27, 2020
9:00 - 12:00 noon
Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Take ALL EIGHT MODULES for just $395 or individual modules for $54 each.

A comprehensive manual is included for particpants registered in the entire program.


Jennifer Mount has over 15 years of experience in the design and facilitation of professional and leadership development curriculum has crossed the globe and many industries. She has worked with Fortune 500 Companies such as Microsoft, 3M, and Amgen as well as start ups, non-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurs to help enhance employee skills and work performance.

Rosario Montes-Arena, MBA, is a Management Consultant, trainer and former Senior Manager in the high tech industry. She has 30+ years experience in developing teams and leaders. Her coaching skills include effective communication, facilitation, and team performance.


Module 1
Being a Great Supervisor: The Fundamentals of Successful Supervision
Being a supervisor is a lot of responsibility, and it involves the fundamental ability to get things done through others. As a leader in your organization, you help set the tone, and you have the potential of making a very positive impact. 
In this course you will...
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of effective supervisors
  • Learn the key behaviors that set the best supervisors apart from the rest
  • Assess your own supervisory skills and strengths
  • Learn more about 4 distinct styles that show up at work and the implications of each


Date: Thurs., July 9
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 2
Essential Communication Skills
As a leader, your communication style and habits have a disproportionate impact on the "climate" of the organization. The way you communicate can heavily influence employee motivation, the quality of information shared, and employee engagement. 

Come to this course to...

  • Practice essential skills for creating the organization you want, including listening and speaking clearly
  • Understand the functions & channels of communication in an organization
  • Understand communication barriers and practice overcoming those barriers


Date: Thurs., July 16
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 3
Understanding Employee Engagement
Some estimate that as much as 75% of American employees are disengaged at work. Imagine how much easier your life as a supervisor would be if only your employees would show up at their best. In this course you will…

  • Learn about the key drivers of engagement and assess your team 
  • Assess your own degree of engagement at work 
  • Make a plan to sculpt your job to unleash your potential 
  • Practice conducting a “motivational” interview

Date: Thurs., July 23
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 4

Assessing Your Team’s Effectiveness
Leading a team has its challenges but it’s an inescapable reality of today’s organizations. When we understand the principles of effective teamwork, we can harness the power of interdependence to create a powerful work team that achieves the right results.
Come to this class to...

  • Understand the stages of team development and how to navigate through each
  • Assess your team’s effectiveness by applying six elements of successful teams
  • Use the power of a team charter for getting, and keeping, the team on track.


Date: Thurs., July 30
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 5
Managing Performance
Tackling employee performance issues is an expected part of the supervisory role. Simply telling our employees what to do and how to do it often isn’t going to solve the problem! Many performance issues stem from poorly defined expectations and lack of coaching skill. Effective performance management starts with clear expectations, is reinforced through coaching and support- and is NOT deferred to an annual performance appraisal!

In this class you will:

  • Discern between performance management and performance appraisal.
  • Learn about the performance management cycle.
  • Understand and practice the critical process of setting clear performance expectations.
  • Evaluate performance through the lens of a 4-part performance management model

Date: Thurs., August 6
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 6

Giving and Receiving Feedback
To truly improve performance, we need to create a culture of continuous feedback. In this course you will…

  • Learn and practice the 1-minute praise and 1-minute re-direct models of feedback
  • Practice asking for feedback and building receptivity
  • Learn and practice a simple and powerful way of giving feedback regularly
  • Learn and practice a model for anticipating challenges, and diverting them before they become performance issues.


Date: Thurs., August 13
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 7
Managing Conflict
Conflict can’t be avoided, but the way we handle it can be improved. In fact, handling conflict constructively can build trust in your relationships and increase your credibility. It can also stimulate new and better ideas and keep your workforce engaged.

In this practice-based class you will:

  • Understand the tension we feel between showing that we care and addressing tough topics   Identify signs that you need to speak up and get involved
  • Practice listening and giving powerful (yet supportive) feedback in times of stress
  • Practice mediating a conflict between two others who is in a conflict at work


Date: Thurs., August 20
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

Module 8

Coaching for Results
Coaching, a crucial leadership skill for successful supervisors, combines building relationships, providing support and monitoring progress.  Coaching allows you to address performance issues before they escalate, and it empowers your employees to develop the skills they need to succeed, which in turn helps your department succeed. In this class you will…

  • Identify the impact effective coaching has on you, the employee and the climate at work
  • Learn and practice the precursors to coaching: being curious and asking good questions
  • Review and practice a powerful 4-step model for coaching
  • Develop a detailed a plan to coach a specific person on your team


Date: Thurs., August 27
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                    
Cost: $54
Location: Zoom Virtual Classroom

register online

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