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Guardian Scholars Staff

Program Coordinator for Guardian Scholars — Dejon Weldon

DejonDejon is a community college aluma and a big believer that everyone has their own educational path. As a first general college student, she did a lot of exploration to figure out “College Systems” on her own. After receiving her associate degree she continued on to Italy where she was able to complete her Bachelors in Art History with the chance to study Van Gogh and Picasso in their home countries. If you ever want to talk about study abroad, she’s happy to talk about how it changed her perspectives on life. With her 13+ years of experience working in higher education she hopes to share her personal and professional experience with students to help them become empowered and advocates of their own educational goals. As the Guardian Scholars Program coordinator, Dejon’s main goal is to make sure students are connected to campus and community resources.

Student Support Services Assistant at Guardian Scholars — Gabriel Manzo

GabeYou'll often see Gabriel as you walk in the door at Guardian Scholars. He's happy to show you around the office and connect you with resources.

Student Assistant at Guardian Scholars — Carrie Shevchenko

CarrieCarrie is currently at student at Cabrillo and is employed at Guardian Scholars through work-study. She has taken the opportunity to work with the College Work Experience Education program to earn units for her time in the office. She enjoys working in the office helping fellow students while learning new skills to put on her resume.


Office Hours at Guardian Scholars

Spring 2018 Monday's 1-3 & Thursday's 9-10 — Academic Counselor Lauren Cole

LaurenReturning Spring 2018 Lauren Cole is an academic counselor. Come see an academic counselor to help you figure out what classes to take each semester. They can talk with you about choosing a major, transferring and creating and your archived education plan.

Spring 2018 — Tuesday's 10-11 Student Health Services Self Care Counseling

GabeReturning Spring 2018 Trinity from student Health Services will be visiting our office. Student Health visits our office so you have someone to talk with. Want to share something exciting? How about talking about something that causes anxiety? What about learning some self care techniques. They are here for you. Also be on the look out for fun workshops with Trinity.

Spring 2018 12:30 on March 13th, April 24th & May 15th Student Employment Coordinator Desha Staley-Raatior

DeshaReturning Spring 2018 Desha Staley-Raatior is the Student Employment Coordinator. Do you wan to talk with someone about writing or updating a resume? What about how to find a job? Talking about careers after graduating? What about preparing for an interview? Desha is here to help.

Spring 2018 Wednesday's 10-11 — Financial Aid Advisor Sonia Marquez

GabeReturning Spring 2018 Financial Aid. Schedule an appointment with Sonia. She's happy to help you from start to finish. Questions about FAFSA, or the Dream Application, how about Scholarships, Grants or Loans? She's the expert in explaining financial aid policies like SAP Student Academic Progress or what E-Forms need to be filled out.

Spring 2018 Thursdays 10:30-12— ASC Academic Counselor Megan Robertson

GabeReturning Spring 2018 Megan Robertson is an academic counselor. Come see an academic counselor from the Accessibility Support Center to help you figure out what classes to take each semester. They can talk with you about choosing a major, transferring and creating and your archived education plan. They can also talk with you about accomodations for class. ASC is here to assist students with disabilities in achieving their academic goals by providing equal access to educational content and facilities.

Contact Information
Main Campus
Contact: Dejon Weldon
Phone: 831-479-6115

6500 Soquel Ave

Room 1006
Aptos, CA 95003


Regular office hours Mon-Thurs 9:00-1:00

Map and Directions
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