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Student Employment—Student Help and Resources

Student Employment provides a number of services and resources to Cabrillo College students. Please feel free to visit our location in SAC WEST, street level, and meet your Student Employment Coordinator.

If you need one-on-one assistance with resumes, applications, job search advice, or other personalized help, please contact the Student Employment Office to set up an appointment.


Student Employment

Online Job Search Help

Job Resources

Things to Know


Online Job Help

Creating a User Name

Your user name must be unique. If you are bounced back, it may be because your user name has been taken, and you need to try something else. Good choices for user names are your name or email address. You can use the same user name as you use to log in on other Cabrillo locations.

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Forgot User Name

Please email for assistance.

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Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, go to the log in page, enter your username, and click on the "Forgot Password" link. A new password will be emailed to you.

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System will not let me log on

There are a number of reasons why the system did not recognize you. Please email us at and we will try to research what happened. Please do not re-register.

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What if I'm not a student?

To use the job board you must be currently enrolled in at least 3 units at Cabrillo. You can also use the on-line job board if you have graduated from Cabrillo, transferred to another college after successfully completing 30 units, or have completed 30 units in a specific Career Technical Education program but are not currently enrolled.


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Job Resources

How to apply for Off-campus Jobs

Each job listed on the website has employer contact information listed. Please only contact the employer in the way they have indicated that they wish to be contacted.

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How to apply for On-campus Jobs

On campus jobs are listed on our web site.

Department funded jobs are available for all students enrolled in 6 or more units to apply. Call the listed supervisor and if they are hiring, if it still sounds good, follow up with an application (available in student employment and PDF) which you submit to the supervisor listed on the job announcement.

Federal Work Study jobs requires that you have received a Financial Aid award letter which includes Federal Work Study. These jobs have no outside funding and can only hire students with a FWS award. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information on Federal Work Study.

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Payment for Off-campus Jobs

Payment for off campus jobs is worked out between you and the employer.

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Payment for On-campus Jobs

On-campus jobs are paid once a month on the 10th of the month, for time cards turned on the 20th of the previous month. You pick up your check at the college bank in the 100 building ( be sure to bring a picture ID).

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Job not as described

If you interview or go to a job where the actual position, pay or requirements are substantially different that what we have listed on our web site, please contact our office so that we may contact the employer and correct this information. You may always choose not to accept a position which is substantially different than described.

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How to I file an employer complaint?

If you have a complaint against an employer please call our office at: 831-479-6413. We take complaints against employers or students very seriously, and only post jobs for employers who follow our policies and common standards of professional conduct.

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I cannot find a job!

We post new jobs on our web site daily. All positions listed on the web site, no matter how long they have been posted, are currently available to the best of our knowledge. If you have been conscientious in following up with employers on jobs that are listed and have not been offered a position, please come in to our office so that staff can assist you. We can make suggestions, assist you to write or update your resume, give you interviewing tips, etc.

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Things to Know

Job Board Terms of Use

Failure to follow this code of conduct may result in a student losing use of the Student Employment web site and services.

You must be legally able to work in the United States to use this job board.

We follow up on all job listings and expect that our students will follow the standard rules of job application etiquette when contacting and following up with employers.

Depending on the nature of any breach of our terms of use, the Student Employment Office may terminate your use of Student Employment Services on a temporary or permanent basis. If we are unsure as to the appropriateness of sending you out on jobs as a representative of the Cabrillo College student population, we may require that you see a Cabrillo Counselor for an evaluation prior to releasing employment referrals to you.

Please do not share job listings with others. DO NOT GIVE YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD TO ANYONE. They are only for the use of students who are registered with our office. Do not take friends or family members with you to jobs. If an employer wants to hire more than one person, we will refer additional students to them.

Unless a pay rate states that it is negotiable, do not re-negotiate the pay from the rate or ranges posted on these jobs.

Only apply for positions where you meet the requirements and can work the stated hours.

Inappropriate behavior on the job or in the interview process such as yelling, swearing, drinking, drug use, violence, or other socially unacceptable work related behavior is not tolerated.

You can be blocked from job access if we receive complaints from employers regarding your work related behavior.

You can be blocked from job access if your attitude, language or behavior (including the smell of alcohol or marijuana) in our office is inappropriate to the setting or situation.

You can be blocked from job access if you are unable to maintain enrollment in 3 or more units during the semester, or complete 3 or more units of academic coursework successfully (C or better).

You can not continue to use the job board after dropping below three units.  Continuing to use the job bard when you do not meet the requirements to do so may mean that you must successfully complete three units before being reinstated. 

Successive violations may mean permanent blocking from board use.

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Student Employment Policy

The Cabrillo College Student Employment Center maintains this web site as a service to Cabrillo students for their career development and employment seeking efforts. The presence of job announcements on this web site does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation from Cabrillo College or the Cabrillo College Student Employment Center . Students are responsible for all necessary precautions when interviewing for, or accepting these positions, and students are responsible for checking the credentials and integrity of an employer. Cabrillo College and the Cabrillo Student Employment Office does not accept any liability or responsibility for the actions of any student who is hired into a position that has been listed by our office. Employers are responsible for all screening, reference checks and hiring of any student referrals to jobs, and for following any appropriate labor and employment law in their hiring and employment practices.

This web site also contains links to other web sites not under the control of the Cabrillo College Student Employment Center , and we are not responsible for the contents of any linked site. The Cabrillo College Student Employment Center provides these links only as a convenience and assumes no liability for acts or omissions by third parties or for material supplied by them.

Students or employers who discover any misuse or abuse of this web site are encouraged to report the matter to the Cabrillo College Student Employment Center as soon as possible. For further information call the Cabrillo College Student Employment Center at (831) 479-6413.


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