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4/20/15: Good news for supervisors who are REHIRING student assistants! Only three forms are needed if a student has worked for you, or elsewhere on campus, in the past three years. You can get REHIRE packets from Student Employment, or email your Coordinator, Jennifer Wood, to send some via campus mail.

4/21/15: Updates to the Supervisor Manual are underway, anticipated completion: Fall 2015. Any time-sensitive changes will be communicated to supervisors via email until all webpage edits can be updated.

Online Job Posting

You Can Post Your Job

You may go online and post your own job on our job search website. You can also email us the job info in the text of the email to: Stuck? Please call us and we will be happy to walk you through the process! 831-479-6413.

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We Can Post Your Job

We are happy to post jobs for anyone who does not feel comfortable doing it themselves. We recommend that you call us and we can assist you over the phone at 831-479-6413 but you can also email us the job info in the text of the email to:

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Forgot User Name or Password

We do not have access to your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can enter your username on the Log-In page, and click on the link for "Forgot Password." A new password will then be emailed to you.  If you cannot remember your user name, try your full email address.

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Error Message, cannot post job

If you are having a problem posting your job, please call us or email us the information in the text of an email and we will be happy to post it for you.

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Job Resources

Budget Numbers

If you are uncertain about which budget code to use, please contact your Division/Department Account Specialist, and/or your Fiscal Analyst in Business Services. This includes budgets for Federal Work Study.

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Criminal history clearance (in the form of Live-Scan fingerprinting) is required before starting work/assignment at Cabrillo Colleg for all Student Workers, Temporary/Hourly workers, volunteers, and students who:

  • Are Short-Term or substitute Classified or Confidential employees (custodians, administrative assistants, laboratory instructional assistants, etc.)
  • Are substitute faculty instructors
  • Work with minor children (Children’s center, ECE 54, ED 80, etc.)
  • Work with money (cashiers, Bookstore, Cafeteria, Horticulture sales, etc.)
  • Work closely with the Disabled (HWPEA, Stroke Center, DSPS, Adaptive PE, etc.)
  • Work in Health Services or health occupations (Nursing, RT, Health Center, etc.)
  • Work at the Cabrillo College Sheriff’s Office
  • Work in Admissions & Records, Business Office, Counseling, Human Resources, The Transfer Center, or other offices that require student assistants to access confidential information
  • Work in Cabrillo Advancement Program (CAP)
  • Work as a coach in any capacity, including volunteers
  • Have an assignment that allows access to the District’s Integrated Software System (e.g. DATATEL), and/or student and/or employee personal confidential data
  • Drive a college vehicle or transport Cabrillo students
  • Have contact with Cabrillo theater cast if 16 years or older; including all professionals
  • Work as a Student Ambassadors or campus tour guide
  • Are an outside temporary agency worker (e.g. Kelly Services, etc.)

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Students hired to drive Cabrillo vehicles or who drive a Cabrillo vehicle in the course of their employment must fill out driving paperwork, have it signed off by their supervisor and submit that paperwork along with their driver’s license and DMV report, be fingerprinted and pass a Megan’s Law check prior to driving a district vehicle.

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Common Questions and Answers

Why do I have to re-hire students each fiscal year?

Students are considered temporary employees, and must complete all new hiring paperwork (except for the I-9 documentation or fingerprints if being re-hired), starting 7/1 of each new fiscal year.

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Can students work during breaks between semesters?

Students who wish to continue to work after the last day of fall semester must be either pre-enrolled for Spring Semester in 6 or more units or enrolled for Winter Session in at least 1 1/2 units for the four week session. To work after the last day of Spring Semester, students must either be pre-enrolled for the following fall in at least 6 units or registered in a 4 week Summer Session in at least 1 1/2 units or 2 units if enrolled in the 6 week session to work while that summer session is taking place.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to verify enrollment for all students who continue to work from fall into winter session or spring semester.

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When do students have to stop working?

All students must stop working immediately if they drop below six units. Students must stop working the last day of the term in which they were hired unless they have pre-registered for the following term.

Federal Work-Study students must stop working the last day of Spring Semester, or when they run out of their award money, whichever comes first, unless they do new paperwork to transition to department funding. They may not continue to work on Federal Work Study funds until they receive a new award letter for the next academic year. These award letters are usually not received prior to the beginning of Fall Semester. There is generally no summer work study.

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Can my student employee do work for me at home?

No. Student employees can only work on-campus, under the direct supervision of a manager, faculty or contract staff member.

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How are students supervised?

All student and hourly employees must be supervised by contract staff, faculty or management. Student and hourly employees are not allowed to be supervised by other hourly or student employees. Supervisors or their temporary contract employee designee must be available on campus whenever the student or hourly employee is working.

Supervisors should “appoint” a temporary supervisor who is a regular contract employee of the college (not another student or hourly employee) any time that they are not physically present on campus and students are working. The temporary supervisor should be informed whenever they are responsible for the student and the student should know who they are and how to contact them. Student employees are not authorized to open or close facilities and are not issued keys.

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Can students work more than 19.5 hours week during Spring Break/Winter Break/Summer Break?

Students can work up to 29.5 hours a week during breaks when school is not in session and during summer and winter sessions as long as they are pre-registered for the following full term in at least 6 units, but are not taking summer or winter session classes. Supervisors should initial off on those time card hours, or any hours worked on weekends or holidays. Students may not work more than 8 hours a day, or more than 5 days monday through sunday, at any time during the year.

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How do I give my student employee a raise?

If you need a higher level student employee, and you have a higher level position available, and that student can demonstrate (on their application) that they have the required level of related experience or courses or a combination, you can hire at the higher level—note, just because they want the higher pay and have the qualifications, does not mean that that is the job that you want to advertise and fill—all students performing the same job should be paid the same pay rate.

We (the campus) pay according to the requirements of the job we need and are advertising, not because the person can work at a higher level if we do not need them to work at the higher level.

Students who are already working on campus after 7/1 of that year, and have already completed the full hiring paperwork packet for the fiscal year, only need to complete the NCR temporary hourly employee assignment form and an application showing that they meet the new position requirements for any additional positions for which they are hired for that year.

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Filling out hiring paperwork (hiring dates and multiple or changing positions.)

Please check hiring packets to be sure they have updated forms before using. A good way to check this is to be sure that the W–4 form has the correct date. If you have older hiring packets you can return them to student employment and we will recycle what we can and give you updated packets in exchange.

It is very important that you put the student's actual start date under requested start date on the temporary hourly employee assignment form. If a student is working in multiple jobs, and they can not be put into the system with a start date that is before the start date of a prior entry. they must be backed out of Datatel, the newer start date paperwork entered and (all other screens re-done), and then the position with the later start date re-entered. So, if they really are not starting until 8/28, please don't put a 7/1 start date. please anticipate that for new hires, it may take some time for the student to bring in the required documents or for their fingerprints to clear when noting the projected start date.

Also, it is helpful to know if a student is working in multiple positions, if they have left the previous position, or if they will still be working in the job we currently have for them in the system, and are just adding an additional position.

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Can students be fired?

Yes, if a student misrepresents themselves on their application or hiring materials, provides poor performance, fails to work scheduled hours, does not follow college rules and regulations, OR if there is a department reason such as lack of available funding, or any other generally accepted reason to discontinue employment.

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Safety Training

Please be advised that IIPP, injury and illness prevention program, training is required of all new employees prior to start of work and of all existing employees bi-annually.

Employees should visit the following web address

A link to the safety training is also on the student employment web site.

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Using Volunteers/Court Referrals

All cabrillo volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Packet that includes a volunteer agreement, emergency notification information, an activity waiver and indemnity agreement and a criminal history inquiry. This packet requires the supervisor to witness one signature and the packet must be signed by the division/dept. head and returned to Human Resources. Volunteer paperwork must be submitted annually for each volunteer and must include an updated criminal history inquiry form. Volunteer drivers must also submit a new DMV report and driving paperwork. Please contact Human Resources if you have questions.

Court Referral volunteers are handled separately by student employment, and require similar paperwork be completed in Student Employment prior to starting their hours. All Court Referrals to Cabrillo must be Cabrillo students and may only work at selected and pre-authorized sites.


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Time Cards—who does what?

Blue (department funded) time cards are signed by the direct supervisor and the department administrator/manager or just the department administrator/manager and then sent directly to Payroll (unless the time card for that area must first be reviewed by a division accounting specialist or other budget auditor). Blue time cards can be requested from business services or printed on blue card stock from the Business Services web site from the Business Services guide under “Payroll.” the updated payroll calendar is also listed there.

Yellow (Federal Work Study) time cards are signed by the direct supervisor and then sent to the Financial Aid Office. The FAO will send them on to Payroll after they have been audited. Yellow time cards are available from Student Employment.

The Financial Aid office is requesting that only the direct supervisor sign off on the FWS yellow time cards, and then send them on to the Financial Aid office for their sign off. There is no need for a departmental administrative sign off on these time cards. If you want an admin. sign off, they should sign in the supervisors area. Fast Track to Work time cards are also sent to the Financial Aid office at the end of the pay period.

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Students working with confidential information should have specific direction from their supervisor regarding confidentiality.

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Should I hire a student or an hourly employee?

Please discuss your department needs with Human Resources if you are uncertain about what category in which to hire a candidate.

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