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Permanent Artwork in the Library

The Cabrillo College Library has long been a home for selected works of art and writing, primarily from former Cabrillo faculty but also including other pieces acquired over the years. Please stop by and enjoy any of the works described below.


Student artwork

  Student Artwork
This collection is a collaboration between the Cabrillo Gallery and the Library. Art for this rotating exhibit is selected from the annual Student Exhibition presented at the Gallery. The collection can be seen along the north wall of the Library's main inside stairwell, facing the main floor browsing area.

Wire portraits

  Student Wire Portraits
The library now has a remarkable collection of more than 200 wire portraits created by over 20 years of students taking Art 5, taught by faculty member Jamie Abbott. The portrait assignment was inspired by sculptor Alexander Calder's wire studies, and graced the wall of an art classroom for many years before being donated to the library in 2018. The collection of portraits can be seen along the south mezzanine wall on the main floor of the library.

Holt Murray Sculpture


  Holt Murray Sculpture
A magnificent bronze sculpture by former Cabrillo art faculty member Holt Murray, entitled "Guardian," was loaned to the library in 2014 from the collection of Margaret Stanton Murray. It can be found at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor of the library.

Morton Marcus Poem


  Morton Marcus Broadsides
In 2010 the library acquired a number of framed broadsides from well-known poet and former Cabrillo English faculty member Morton Marcus, donated by Donna Mekis and financed by George Ow. These broadsides can be found on the first floor along one side of the central stairwell.

Howard Ikemoto Painting


  Howard Ikemoto Painting
Hanging upstairs in the library is the painting "The Fourth of July: Tulelake," by former Cabrillo Art faculty member Howard Ikemoto. The painting was commissioned in 1998 by George Ow, and depicts a scene from one of the internment camps where the U.S. relocated its citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II.

Dave McGuire Watercolor


  Dave McGuire Watercolors
The library has a lovely set of watercolors, "Pajaro Hills Triptych," by former Cabrillo Art faculty member Dave McGuire, commissioned in 2003 and donated by George Ow. These watercolors can be found on the first floor along one side of the central stairwell.

Rose Sellery sculpture


  Rose Sellery Sculpture
Added in Fall 2015, Cabrillo staff member Rose Sellery's "Dream Boat" sculpture is the most recent addition to the library's collection of artworks. The piece, on loan from the artist's collection, is constructed with assorted animal bones, carved figures, steel, resin, and acrylic. It can be seen on the wall to the side of the main central stairwell.




Lupita Doll
In 2018 the library acquired from retiring dean Margery Regalado-Rodriguez this wonderful Lupita doll. Lupita dolls, also known as cartoneria dolls, are toys made from a hard papier-mache, a style originating about 200 years ago in central Mexico. They were originally created as a substitute for the far more expensive porcelain dolls, and maintained their popularity until the second half of the 20th century. The making of Lupitas is known mostly in Mexico City and in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato, where they are simply called "munecas de carton" (cartoneria dolls). Our "Lupita" can be found in the Reference area of the library.





  French and Flemish Tapestries
Three large tapestries, likely 18th century French and Flemish, were donated in the early 1960s by founding Cabrillo College Governing Board member Joe Chamberlain. All three tapestries are hanging on the 1st floor walls in the back of the library, along the Building 100 side.



A printed page from a copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, published in 1493, can be found in the Reference book stacks. Incunabula is a term used to describe materials printed in Europe before 1501, covering the first 50 years of the printing press.

Juan Cabrillo Sculpture   Bust of Cabrillo
A bust of the college's namesake, Joao Rodriguez Cabrillo, graces the library's 1st floor, outside the staff conference room 1047. It was sculpted by Portuguese sculptor Numidico Bessone, and given to Cabrillo in 1966 by the Cabrillo Civics Club No. 24.



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