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2011 Media Coverage

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Dec 29 Cabrilo College upgrades online registration. Sentinel
Dec 28 Sharpen Your Culinary Chops. By Rosy Weiser, Sentinel
Dec 26 Hal Hyde: Watsonville native a man of many firsts. By Justine Dacosta, Sentinel
Dec 23 Details emerge in fatal stabbing. By Stephen Baxter, Sentinel
Dec 22 Robbery charge to be added to homicide. By Stephen Baxter, Sentinel
Dec 17 Coroner: Knife slash killed paramedic student. By Stephen Baxter, Sentinel
Dec 16 Few details released in Capitola homicide. Sentinel
Dec 15 Arraignment postponed for murder suspect. By Jessica M. Pasko, Sentinel
Dec 14 Stabbing victim worked with vets, studied to be an EMT. By Stephen Baxter, Sentinel
Dec 11 As We See It: Higher ed's paying customers. Sentinel
Dec 11 Cabrillo to receive award. Kimberly White, Sentinel
Dec 10 - 12 High Price of Higher Ed. By J.M. Brown, Tovin Lapan and Jondi Gumz, Sentinel
Dec 10 Cabrillo delays opening of green building center. By Donna Jones, Sentinel
Dec 6 Campus renovation to go forward. By Kimberly White, Sentinel
Dec 4 Higher ed spending off 10 percent in Santa Cruz, Monterey counties. By Lane Wallace, Sentinel
Nov 23 Keeping the Promise of Education Alive. By Linda Fridy, The Post
Nov 20 Cabrillo program to provide gifts for children of students. By Kimberly White, Sentinel
Nov 10 Cabrillo College and Career Night draws thousands. By Carmen Johnson, Register-Pajaronian
Nov 8 Board presents plan for new districts. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Nov 8 Nearly 4,000 attend Cabrillo's College and Careers Night. By Jondi Gumz, Sentinel
Nov 7 Cabrillo College seeks redisticting input at meeting. Sentinel
Nov 3 Student debt rose 5 percent for class of 2010. Sentinel
Oct 29 Occupy Cabrillo organizers discuss direction for movement. By Erik Chalhoub, Register-Pajaronian
Oct 27 America has shifted burden of college costs. By Justin Pope, Sentinel
Oct 27 Cabrillo student shares 19-year story of domestic abuse. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Oct 27 As We See It: High cost of higher ed. Sentinel
Oct 25 Cabrillo to hold College and Careers Night event. Register-Pajaronian
Oct 21 As We See It: Crowded classrooms. Sentinel
Oct 20 Cabrillo opens veterans center. By Todd Guild, Register-Pajaronian
Oct 20 Now What? (Cover Article). By Elizabeth Linbach, Goodtimes
Oct 20 Cabrillo unveils new vets center. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Oct 19 Community colleges clamp down on class repetition. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Oct 4 Cabrillo receives $4.3 million grant. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Sept 24 Women's Educational Success gets $200,000 gift. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Sept 20 County Alternative Ed Classes Move One Program, Open Another. By Linda Fridy, The Post
Sept 20 Bookshop Santa Cruz to help with Cabrillo College Bookstore. By Linda Fridy, The Post
Sept 13 Bookshop Santa Cruz to manage Cabrillo store for 3 months. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Sept 10 Sketches of men in armed robbery released. By Stephen Baxter, Sentinel
Sept 8 Santa Cruz County educators launch college readiness campaign. By Todd Guild, Register-Pajaronian
Sept 8 College Commitment. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Sept 2 Supervisor training to start. Sentinel
Sept 2 County's healthiest restaraunts earn kudos (Cabrillo Cafeteria). By Jondi Gumz, Sentinel
Sept 1 Cabrillo College welcomes new deans John Graulty and Isabel O'Conner. Aptos Times
Aug 30 School's back in session at Cabrillo. By Chelsea Hawkins, Sentinel
Aug 29 Bookstore grapples with drop in revenue. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Aug 27 Software engineer says he wrote list found in defendent's car. By Jessica M. Pasko, Sentinel
Aug 26 Cabrillo College welcomes new deans. Sentinel
Aug 25 As We Se It: Roadblocks to success. Sentinel
Aug 23 Colleges warn of midyear budget cuts. By Terence Chea, Sentinel
Aug 21 Cabrillo academy students show final projects. By Kirsten Fairchilds, Sentinel
Aug 20 Cabrillo College Summer Energy Academy Fair today. Sentinel
Aug 19 County trustees start college commitment program. By Cathy Kelly, Sentinel
Aug 18 College catches breath before next round of cuts. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Aug 18 Board extends contract for superintendent. By J.M. Brown, Sentinel
Aug 7 Groups rally to save Chinese classes. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Aug 2 Cabrillo Board OKs $1.4 million in cuts. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jul 28 Green Technology Center moving forward. Photo by Tarmo Hannula, Register-Pajaronian
Jul 21 Cabrillo nears budget target for 2011-2012. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jul 20 Learning the art of the chocolatier. By Donna Maurillo, Sentinel
Jul 8 California College Cuts Wine Course (Web Link). By Jane Firstenfeld, Wines and Vines
Jul 7 Wines, Vines and Our Economic Times. By Jessi Hamel, Goodtimes
Jul 5 Shining light on firefighting. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jun 23 Wine Classes get the Axe. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jun 18 Getting your Garden into Shape. By Joel Hersch, Sentinel
Jun 15 Cabrillo Graduates 990 Students. Aptos Times
Jun 14 Cabrillo Honors Graduates. The Post
Jun 14 Board Approves First Round of Budget Cuts. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jun 9 Congradulations for Cabrillo College's 2011 Graduates. By Tarmo Hannula, Register-Pajaronian
Jun 7 Cabrillo Graduates Remark on Path to Education. By Tarmo Hannula, Register-Pajaronian
Jun 4 Cabrillo graduates celebrate commencement. By Tarmo Hannula, Register-Pajaronian
Jun 4 Cabrillo College Graduation (Large Photos). By Kevin Johnson, Sentinel
Jun 3 Cabrillo Graduates 956 Students today. Sentinel
Jun 1 Two Cabrillo Students Win National Scholarship. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
May 24 Charter School Seeks Space at Cabrillo Campus. By Donna Jones, Sentinel
May 20 Cabrillo Adds Preschool Programs. Sentinel
May 18 Teens to Showcase Business Plans. By Jondi Gumz, Sentinel
May 9 Cabrillo to Present Annual Spring Dance Concert. Sentinel
May 4 Cabrillo's Dare to Pair event winners announced. Sentinel
May 3 Cabrillo to cut $3 million by Aug. 1. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
May 1 Message for GOP, Brown: Go back to the table and make a deal. The Mecury News
Apr 27 Dining for History. By Kimberly White, Sentinel
Apr 16 Cabrillo seeks partner to share SV space. By Kimberly White, Sentinel
Apr 13 Cabrillo College pulls out of Town Center expansion plans. By Kimberly White, Sentinel
Apr 12 Cabrillo copes with moving budget target. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Apr 7 Cabrillo projects $7.2M in cuts for 2011-12. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Mar 23 Students pair hops, haute cuisine at Cabrillo event. By Ann Parker, Sentinel
Mar 18 Fate of new campus hinges on state. By Kimberly White, Sentinel
Mar 10 Hopping into Home-Brewing (Cover Story). By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Mar 8 Cabrillo to help financially struggling students. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Mar 4 Scientists bring brain myth-busters to Cabrillo. By Kirsten Fairchilds, Sentinel
Mar 2 Cabrillo College foundation raises $5.5 million. By Kirtsen Fairchilds, Sentinel
Feb 20 As We See It: Financing the dream. Sentinel
Feb 18 Cabrillo to host financial aid workshop to highlight options for students. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Feb 8 Pursuing alternate paths to college. By Wes Beach, Sentinel
Feb 6 Cabrillo sets course for future cuts. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Feb 2 More students find themselves on waitlists. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jan 29 Community colleges bracing for budget cuts. By Todd Guild, Register-Pajaronian
Jan 25 Textbooks on the cheap. (Cover Story) By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Jan 12 As We Se It: What's next for higher ed? Sentinel
Jan 11 Brown proposes $1.4B in higher ed cuts. By Matt Krupnick, Sentinel
Jan 4 Cabrillo students passing up financial aid. By Tovin Lapan, Sentinel
Dec 22 'Plaid' delivers laughter and tears. By Katee Hughes McKee
Dec 15 Deaming of a 'Plaid' Christmas. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Dec 3 Cabrillo College presents holiday concerts. Sentinel
Nov 13 Cabrillo Gallery to host reception. Sentinel
Oct 20 The Last Word. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Oct 11 Aptos Chamber of Commerce to present community awards (Outstanding Achievement: Cabrillo Stage). Sentinel
Oct 6 Watsonville Taiko celebrates 20 years. Register-Pajaronian.
Oct 6 Pianist's solo tour to stop at Cabrillo. Register-Pajaronian.
Oct 6 Pianist Nasseri performs at Cabrillo. Sentinel
Sept 29 Cabrillo band reunites to honor it's leader. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Sept 11 Casting agent contributes at Cabrillo theater workshops. Sentinel
Sept 8 Director explores eternity. Register-Pajaronian
Sept 8 Tandy Beal's guide to the Other Side. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Sept 8 New Symphony season will be Granger's last. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Sept 6 Casting agent to headline workshop. Sentinel
Sept 3 Cabrillo Suzuki music auditions Friday. Sentinel
Sept 1 'Here After Here: A Self-Guided Tour of Eternity' returns to Cabrillo College. Aptos Times
Aug 29 Cabrillo hosts exhibit, 'Sea States'. Sentinel
Aug 1 (Praiseworthy) Cabrillo's 'Hairspray' tops Broadway. By Tere Carrubba, Aptos (Sentinel)
Aug 1 Jennifer Taylor Daniels: Local singer and educater brings her own roots to 'Hairspray'. By Ann Parker, Sentinel
Jul 28 Actors make 'Hairspray' magical. By Katie Hughes McKee, Sentinel
Jul 21 Blast from the past: Cabrillo Stage brings back an icon for the nostalgic 'Hairspray'. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Jul 14 One More Chance to See Milhoan. Sentinel
Jul 14 The indomitable Mr. Collins. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Jul 14 Love is thrilling, heartbreaking in 'Last Five Years'. By Katie Hughes McKee, Sentinel
Jul 11 (Praiseworthy) Don't miss Cabrillo Stage. By John and Karon Hibble, Aptos (Sentinel)
Jul 7 'Last 5 Years' goes from love's peaks to it's valleys. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Jul 7 A love story set to music. By C.J. Cannino, Register-Pajaronian.
Jul 7 Five and Counting. By Christian Bustos Torres, Goodtimes.
Jul 7 In passing, a windfall for county arts. By Jason Hoppin, Sentinel.
Jun 30 Cabrillo Stage lets it all hang out. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Jun 23 Cabrillo Goes 'The Full Monty'. By C.J. Cannino, Register-Pajaronian.
Jun 23 Actor High Gets Comfortable in 'The Full Monty'. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Jun 16 A 'Full' Summer: Cabrillo Stage marks it's 30th year with a showstopping new season, highlighted by inspired-by-the-movies hits 'The Full Monty' and 'Hairspray'. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Jun 15 Cabrillo Stage Celebratory 30th Season Begins June 24. Aptos Times
May 5 Symphony glides confidently through 'Ninth'. By Phillis Rosenblum, Sentinel
Apr 28 New piano makes a memorable debut at Cabrillo's Crocker Theater. By Phyllis Rosenblum, Sentinel
Apr 28 Symphony brings in guests to tackle 'Ode to Joy'. Sentinel
Apr 28 Season ends on a joyful note. Register-Pajaronian
Apr 21 Cabrillo set for the debut of the top-flight new Yamaha CFX. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Apr 21 Mandolin player David Grisman headlines New Music Works show. By Wallace Baine, Sentinel
Mar 31 Cabrillo Stage goes the 'Full Monty' with 'Hairspray'. Sentinel
Mar 17 Cabrillo Gallery to exhibit work by Futzie Nutzle. Register-Pajaronian
Mar 17 Finding Futzie Nutzle. By Maureen Davidson, Goodtimes
Mar 15 Frank Weins' Piano Recital at Cabrillo. By Richard Lynde, Aptos Times
Mar 7 Poets celebrate the muse at anual event. By Kirsten Fairchilds, Sentinel
Mar 3 Female poets conjure the 'Muse'. Sentinel
Feb 24 Evening of World Theatre and Dance. Goodtimes
Feb 24 Taiko drummers to perform at Cabrillo. Register-Pajaronian
Dec 31 Rogers lifts Seahawks hoops vs. Foothill. Sentinel
Dec 18 Concha-Foley leads winning Cabrillo. Sentinel
Dec 10 Porter swims to 12th in 400 IM. Sentinel
Dec 9 Porter finishes 9th in 200 IM. Sentinel
Dec 5 Cabrillo women's basketball tops Lassen. Sentinel
Dec 4 Seahawks unravel: Team's state title dreams dissappear on the first day of tournament. By Molly Rupert, Sentinel
Dec 4 Cabrillo thrills in OT win. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Dec 3 Seahawks search for redemption, state title. By Julie Jag, Sentinel
Dec 1 Cabrillo flying high. By Glenn Cravens, Register-Pajaronian
Dec 1 Cabrillo wins home opener. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Nov 30 Seahawks deny Delta, claim spot at state. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Nov 29 Cabrillo goes for state title appearance today. By Glenn Cravens, Register-Pajaronian
Nov 27 Cabrillo sweeps into finals. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Nov 24 Short scores 20 points to lift Cabrillo. Sentinel
Nov 23 Seahawks Soar: No. 1 Cabrillo makes short work of Yuba. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Nov 20 Nine Seahawks garner honors. Sentinel
Nov 19 Cabrillo beats Skyline in nailbiter. By Ryan Moses, Sentinel
Nov 19 Nine Seahawks garner honors. Sentinel
Nov 18 Hight Advantage: Rogers, Seahawks eye return to conference supremacy. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Nov 17 Cabrillo volleyball wins 14th straight. Sentinel
Nov 13 Cabrillo bests Gavillan in regular-season finale. By Ryan Silapan, Sentinel
Nov 6 Cabrillo water polo falls in tourney final. Sentinel
Nov 6 Cabrillo routs West Valley. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Nov 3 Cabrillo volleyball finishes undefeated in conference. Sentinel
Oct 29 Cabrillo volleyball clinches title. Sentinel
Oct 27 Pittman shines for Cabrillo volleyball. Sentinel
Oct 23 MPC tight end torches Cabrillo. By Kevin Merfeld, Sentinel
Oct 17 Replacement QB shines. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Oct 16 Cabrillo shocks Coast Conference rival Hartnel. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Oct 15 Seahawk women beat Mission. Sentinel
Oct 13 Seahawks rout West Valley. Sentinel
Oct 9 DeAnza pulls away, topples Cabrillo. By Ryan Moses, Sentinel
Oct 1 Cabrillo women beat Hartnell, go 5-0. Sentinel
Sept 25 Cabrillo can't stop Reedley. Sentinel
Sept 24 Cabrillo women's soccer tops MPC. Sentinel
Sept 18 Seahawks shine in Classic 4-way. Sentinel
Sept 18 Seahawks Surprise: Burke's buzzer-beating field goal thwarts Salano's rally. By Andrew Matheson, Sentinel
Sept 13 Rocha's return cause for optimism. By Ryan Moses, Sentinel
Sept 12 Cabrillo women's soccer team falls to Cypress. Sentinel
Sept 11 Cabrillo touted by American River in season opener. By John Parker, Sentinel
Sept 4 Cabrillo on path to state tourney. By Julie Jag, Sentinel
Sept 3 Cabrillo women drop opener. Sentinel
Aug 31 Taking the Chance: Seahawks capitalize on scoring opportunities in first half to win season opener over Canada. By Andrew Mathison, Sentinel
Aug 27 Cabrillo men's water polo opens 0-2. Sentinel
Jun 10 Cabrillo Adds Tennis Programs, Drops Golf. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Jun 5 Life Coach: Gene Johnson, 85, retires after nearly six decades coaching in Santa Cruz County. By Ryan Moses, Sentinel
Jun 3 Cabrillo to Host Free Football Camp. Sentinel
May 9 Seahawks Feel Due at NorCals. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
May 8 Delta Ousts Cabrillo from Playoffs. By Mark Godi, Sentinel
Apr 29 Seahawks LeFever, King honored. Sentinel
Apr 29 Seahawks headed to postseason. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Apr 28 Flores comes through for Cabrillo. Sentinel
Apr 27 Carle, Cabrillo control Gavilan. Sentinel
Apr 24 Cabrillo's Tapiz qualifies for state. Sentinel
Apr 23 Gilbert swims to conference title. Sentinel
Apr 20 LeFever's HR lifts Cabrillo softball. Sentinel
Apr 20 Seahawks cook up win over Skyline. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Apr 16 Getting to Know: Justin Schlie. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Apr 13 Cabrillo drops crucial game. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Apr 10 Cabrillo baseball clobbers Ohlone. Sentinel
Mar 31 LeFever helps Cabrillo blast DeAnza. Register-Pajaronian
Mar 17 Cabrillo's LeFever torches SF City. Sentinel
Mar 15 Ostermann helps Seahawks golf team take 2nd. Sentinel
Mar 14 Cabrillo softball blasts Merced. Sentinel
Mar 8 Cabrillo golf takes 3rd at Moffett Field. Sentinel
Mar 1 Cabrillo golf takes 3rd at Pasatiempo. Sentinel
Feb 26 Chabot's defense shuts down Cabrillo in NorCal playoffs. By Isaiah Guzman, Sentinel
Feb 23 Cabrillo baseball falls to host Delta. Sentinel
Feb 13 Cabrillo baseball feeling in the pink. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
Feb 11 Cabrillo baseball, 5-0, bumps Laney. Sentinel
Feb 10 End To Excellence. By Ryan Moses, Sentinel
Feb 8 Cabrillo opens golf season in sixth. Sentinel
Feb 5 Cabrillo baseball rallies, wins in opener. Sentinel
Feb 3 Cabrillo men's basketball survives MPC. Sentinel
Feb 2 Under The Radar. By Jim Seimas, Sentinel
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