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Contact Information

Outreach &
Recuitment Coordinator:
Phone: (831) 479-5759
Location: 6500 Soquel Dr.
SAC East (Above the Bookstore)
Aptos, CA 95003
Hours: Mon-Fri
Student Studying

Reg Rush

Registering for classes can be confusing, but Cabrillo faculty and staff are here to help! Get hands-on help with picking and registering for the right classes at our upcoming Reg Rush events. You may qualify for FREE TUITION YOUR FIRST YEAR through the Cabrillo Promise Program.


After You Apply Online - Complete your Assessment

ALL incoming students (including those with SAT or ACT scores) are required to complete the no-cost assessment process.

Why? Cabrillo uses your assessment results and your high school transcripts to advise you on classes that match your math, English, and reading skills. You are allowed to complete the process again if you want. The higher your score, the fewer classes you need to complete your degree.

Assessments do not require a reservation and are offered at the Aptos Campus and the Watsonville Center. Click here for a calendar of upcoming assessments.

Already Taken Your Assessment?

Your next step is to attend an Ed Plan Workshop and meet with a counselor to pick your classes. Counselors help you avoid classes you don’t need- which saves you time and money! Once you know your classes, you will register online through the Student Planning program in WebAdvisor.

There are two ways to pick classes and get registered:

Attend a Reg Rush event to speak with a counselor and get help registering for your classes. One trip and you are done!

Or, make a counseling appointment at the Aptos Campus (479.6274) or Watsonville Center (786.4734) to pick your classes. Then, get help registering for those classes at the Welcome Center (on the Aptos Campus) or the Student Resource Center (at the Watsonville Center). Both of these tasks can be completed in the same visit.

Questions about Cabrillo?

Have questions? Call the Welcome Center at 831.479.6100 or email!


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