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Web Sites


Creating Accessible Web Pages

View your web pages as colorblind users would

Web Migration

In 2019, Cabrillo College is beginning a process of web migration, of moving from one platform to another. Please see the document linked below for more information.

Cabrillo College Web Migration 2019

Web Editing Programs

These are used to connect to the Cabrillo server.


Set up a connection to the server

Setting up a Dreamweaver Site & SFTP (legacy version)

Get and Put files to and from the Remote Server

Check or modify get/put settings

Delete files from the server

Change View Mode

Add or Remove Panels in the Dreamweaver User Interface

Change the interface or theme in Dreamweaver CC 217

Backup Your Web Home Directory on Google Drive

Dreamweaver Self-Paced Online Course (Adobe resource)


Important note! Contribute 6.5 was the final release, there will be no further support/updates beyond 2016, and Contribute 6.5 (last and final release) will not receive driver updates for current operating systems.

Set up a connection using Contribute

Remove website connections

Delete a file from the server (Adobe forum)

FTP Programs


Download FileZilla

Delete a file from the server


Download CoreFTP

Connect to the server

Delete a file from the server


Fetch Softworks (includes link to download)

Fetch Support

Delete Item


Download Fugu

Specific to Cabrillo

Connect to the Cabrillo web server from off campus - VPN installation procedure

Styles you can use on your Cabrillo websites

Your Cabrillo Instructional Website

Web Publishing Accounts

Headings and Styles

Level 2 CSS

Cabrillo Color Palette

Seahawk Identity

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