Academic Council
Minutes: 11/5/17 meeting
3-5 pm Room 1096
Submitted by Brad Krein

Present: Brad Krein, Carolyn Jackson, Jay Jackson, Jennifer Lee, Joseph Krause, Louis Compoginis, Marcie Wald, Sam Caldwell

Guests: Claire Thorson, Gordon Hammer

Absent: Albi Romero, Dusty McKenzie, Ekua Omosupe, Kathie Welch, Kim Belliveau, Kip Nead, Michael Strunk, Victoria May

Call to order: 3:03

Minutes from 10/9/17 approved

Old Business


New Business

Claire Thorson brought a request for the addition of ART 1A to area C1 for AA/AS/CSU and IGETC 3A. The request was approved.

Gordon Hammer brought requests for addition of AP 3 to area C1 for AA/AS/CSU and IGETC 3A, AP 9A to area C1 for CSU and IGETC 3A, and AP 25 to area C1 for AA/AS/CSU. The requests for the three courses were approved.

Items from the floor

Joseph brought up his concerns over AB 705. A collegial discussion ensued.

The meeting adjourned around 4