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Psychology 1 Online

Spring 2011

This course is an introduction to the science of behavior and mental processes. The primary course objectives are:
(1) describe major concepts in the field,  (2) describe modern research findings in the field,  (3) compare and contrast 
alternative explanations of behavior, (4) evaluate evidence related to explanations of behavior, (5) apply principles 
of psychology to everyday problems, and (6) describe the scientific method.  

While we won't meet regularly face-to-face, I hope to make this course an interesting way for you to learn about psychology. 

In addition to this page, Psych 1 Online has its own Blackboard site which is password protected.
You must be enrolled in the course to have access to that site and the course materials posted there. 

There is not an on-campus orientation, but you should find answers to most of your questions by clicking on
"Important Course Information" (below). 

There are two in-class midterms on Thursday nights (see syllabus for dates). Each of these has 80 multiple-choice items. 
There is an in-class comprehensive final exam with 170 multiple-choice items on the Thursday night during finals week. 
If you cannot take the Final Exam at the scheduled date and time, do not take this class.  

Psychology 1 Syllabus

Important Course Information


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If you have other communication with the instructor, make your "Add" request a new message.
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No adds will be given after the first week.

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