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Why You Couldn't Get Into a Class - Some Information from Cabrillo Faculty


Full classes are the result of two main factors:

  1. A record number of students. Santa Cruz has seen a record number of high school graduates, combined with a bad economy and class reductions at CSUs and UCs.
  2. A decrease in funding by the state. The state pays for your community college education. The fees you pay - even the increased ones this term - go to the state, not the school. Often, when there's a greater need, the state will increase funding to provide additional services and allow access to more students. However, because of the economic crisis and decline in state revenues, the state chose to cut funding to schools (and many other public services). In response to the state's decrease in funding, Cabrillo had to reduce the number of classes and, in turn, the number of students served.

That's why classes are packed and many students cannot find room: a record number of students trying to get into fewer classes.

What can we do about this?

      • Get informed about the state budget crisis. (see "Budget cuts devastate California higher education" 5 Aug 09)
      • Write to and call your legislator.
      • Work with the Cabrillo Student Senate to raise awareness and act for change.
      • Tell your family and friends about the funding crisis at community colleges.
      • Write a letter to your local newspaper.
      • Support reform of the state budget process.
      • Convince Californians that we need to pay for the cost of the services that we demand from our government!

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