If a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, then a truly advanced technology will be indistinguishable from nature.

-Randall Clague

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Biomimicry and Sustainability Links

Biomimicry Presentation Links

Password Protected Powerpoint shows:

Environmental Justice Intro, Spring 2008 Social Justice Conference PPT

Emergence of Sustainable Technologies PPT

Emergent Systems http://www.emergentsystems.com

Sustainability Institute

Biomimicry (Janine Benyus)

Pax Scientific

Cradle-to-Cradle Design (McDonough & Braungart)

Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Steelcase Think Chair

Interface Flooring Systems (Entropy Carpets)

Ocean Arks International (Nancy Jack Todd & John Todd – Living Machines)

ZERI: Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives (Gunter Pauli)

Gaviotas: It Takes a Village to Save the World

Friends of Gaviotas

Apollo Alliance (10 years to US independence from oil imports)

Bioneers (annual gathering for “visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth”) http://www.bioneers.org

Rocky Mountain Institute (Amory Lovins)

Global Ideas Bank (a place to share ideas for social innovations)

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future

A recent article about constructal theory and how biology can improve models for flow in engineering practice: "Going with the Flow" R. Bliwise, Duke Magazine Sept-Oct 2007

Sustainability bookmarks on del.icio.us

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Slideshow and Species Card Photos

Erik Peterson, Michelle Y. Merrill, Gary Merrill, pdphoto.org

Life: A Journey Through Time (included in "From Sumatra to Santa Cruz: Fathoming the heart of sustainability", 17 October 2007 presentation)

Password Protected Powerpoint shows:

Environmental Justice Intro, Spring 2008 Social Justice Conference PPT

Emergence of Sustainable Technologies PPT

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
--R. Buckminster Fuller

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  1. WorldChanging
  2. Grist
  3. WiserEarth
  4. Apollo Alliance
  5. Biomimicry
  6. Bioneers

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