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Nov 15 Thur morning 12:36am, Occultation by Nyanza, low rank 13.3 mag 5s occn from home, 21% odds

Nov 15 Thur eve 6:30-8:30pm at Christine B's on Climate meanings, for CCL only, see 11/3 email

Nov 16 Fri 5:50pm Occultation of 9.4 by Eros, from San Rafael, Stinson Beach, Pt Reyes. We've already landed a spacecraft on Eros, so not sure we'll learn much from this event, however.

Nov 17 Sat 8:51pm - Occultation of 10.3 by Leda. in Taurus. High rank, big turnout with 22 announced stations. Carrizo campsite is your site. Caliente Pk Run? Planning page

Nov 18 Sun - Trail volunteer day at Nicene Marks, for SCTC.

Nov 21 Wed 2:17am - Occultation of 12.7 by Union. 38% odds at home, med rank, SC on limit line

Nov 29 Thur 6:30-9pm - "Climate Solutions: A Critical Assessment" - my Fall public climate talk, at the Erica Schilling Forum (Rm 450) Cabrillo College campus. Extra credit for my students.

Nov 30 Fri 3-5pm NAS Div meeting

Dec 1 Sat - The Collegiate Ethics Bowl - I'm one of 3 judges.

Dec 2 Sun morn 2:30am - Occultation of 12.1 by Kreusa, centered on Laguna Mtn..I'll be able to leave the Ethics Bowl judging just after 5pm. Could be a good celebration o'ver nighter, with Kirk, JP who would already be down at the campsite?

Dec 8 Sat - Walnut Creek Half Marathon

Dec 18 Tue eve - Scotts Valley Library, give talk on asteroid occns, and Cabrillo Astro course opportunities


Jan 20 Sun eve - Total Lunar eclipse graze from Pt Reyes Hostel of 7.8 star during totality

Feb 8-10 Fri-Sun - Tullamore Dew Running Club at Death Valley at Furnace Creek.

Feb 9 Sat eve - Graze of 7.3 8 deg alt, from Cabrillo Observatory. Maybe special exped for Astro 8A?

Feb 12 Tue eve - Graze of 8.6 1.1s of 53% moon. At Pigeon Pt and also at Summit Store on Highland. Good Astro 8A expedition

Feb 27 Wed morn 4:44am - Graze of 4.4 13s of 39- moon from South Lake Tahoe. Would require perhaps x-ing Wed morn Astro 3 class

Mar 13 Wed eve - Graze of 6.8 1.1s of 47+ moon from Fremont Peak

Apr 6 Sat eve at twilight - Graze of 7.6 star 13s of 3+ moon, alt=9, sun-8. From Hollister, and Mineral King

Apr 20 Sat 12:30am - Occultation of 12.1 by Marghanna, in Central California

Jun 14 11:40pm - Occultation of 12.1 by Saskia somewhere near Carrizo Plain

Jul 11 Thur 1:11am - Occultation of 10.7 by Rosalia, Pt Reyes??

Jul 15 Sun 10:30pm - Occultation of 11.9 but full moon 13 deg away.

Aug 6 Tue 1:12am - Occultation of 10.2 by Bothua

Aug 9 Fri 1:19am - Occultation of 11.8 by Eugenia 11.5

Aug 25 Sun 4:40am - Graze of 3.0 Zeta Tauri 12n 30- moon from 55N of Lassen, 55s of Eureka.

Sept 22 8am - Graze of 2.9 Mu Geminorum by 45- moon 4.4n from 30n of Hat Creek - May be good choice for Astro 25 Fall course

Nov 29 5:53pm Fri eve - Graze of 5.5 6s of 13+ moon, from 13n Pinnacles

Dec 4 8:00pm Wed eve - Graze of 6.9 10s 58+ moon 41alt, from Locatelli Meadow

Dec 11 2:00am Wed morn - Graze of 3.5 Epsilon Tauri 11n 99% moon, from Fremont Peak


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