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Welcome to Counseling Services.

All Cabrillo counselors can assist students regarding transfer to four-year universities and in planning for Cabrillo’s occupational certificates and associate degrees.

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  • WE HAVE MOVED! The Counseling office is in Room 205C on the left-hand side of the old theater, Building 200, across the quad from our previous location in Building 100, behind the Gazebo. Most of the counselors' offices are also in Building 200. We will be glad to direct you to the office where your appointment or Walk in (Express) session will be held.

  • GRADUATION DEADLINES: APRIL 11—Deadline to petition and have your name appear in the program for the graduation ceremony.
    MAY 9—Deadline to petition to receive a degree or certificate for Spring 2014. For more information Click Here

  • APPOINTMENTS: 8am–6pm Monday, 8am–5pm Tuesday and Wednesday, and 8am–3pm Thursday and Friday. You may call 831.479.6274 or 831.479.6385 for Aptos or 831.786.4734 for Watsonville to schedule. (If this is your first academic counseling appointment at Cabrillo, please read "Before You Make an Appointment" below).


Education Plan Workshops

A new state law known as the Student Success Act requires that all students have an education plan in order to maintain priority registration. To begin the development of your Abbreviated Education Plan, Cabrillo requires that you attend an Education Plan Workshop. After atteneding the workshop, you can then meet with a counselor during a scheduled half-hour appointment to further develop your plan, to create your Comprehensive Education Plan.

Please call either (831) 479-6274 or (831) 479-6385 to reserve a spot in one of the following workshops. Drop-ins will be accepted on a space available basis. The following workshops have space available:

APTOS: Tuesday, April 15th, 10 am – 12 pm in Room 204
WATSONVILLE: Wednesday, April 16, 12 pm – 2 pm in Room C105

Probation / Dismissal Workshops

Did you receive communication from Admissions & Records indicating you have a hold on your record due to Probation or Dismissal? If you are on Probation Level 2 or if you are on Dismissal, you are required to attend a Probation/Dismissal Workshop. Attending the workshop will clear your hold, and will provide you with the strategies and resources needed to work your way to a better Academic Standing. If you are on Probation Level 1, this workshop is not required but is highly recommended so you can avoid future academic standing issues.

When attending the workshop, please bring a copy of your Cabrillo course history using WebAdvisor "My Course History"

Call either (831) 479-6274 or (831) 479-6385 to reserve a spot in one of the following workshops. Drop-ins will be accepted on a space available basis. Don't delay as it will impact your registration process. The following workshops have space available:

APTOS:Thursday, April 10, 1 pm — 3 pm in Room 204
WATSONVILLE: Thursday, April 17, 9 am – 11 am in Room A140
SEE THE Probation & Dismissal Workshop Calendar FOR A FULL LIST OF WORKSHOPS SCHEDULED.


Appointments are a half-hour of scheduled time with a counselor. An appointment is needed for transcript evaluation, education plans, graduation petitions, guaranteed transfer applications, career advising, academic renewal, most cases of academic dismissal, and for most academic planning issues. Appointments can be scheduled in person or by calling.

Our counselors want to assist you with effective academic planning and answer specific kinds of questions. In order to get the most from a counseling appointment, please complete the following steps before scheduling an appointment.


Before You Make an Appointment:

1) Submit a Cabrillo College application online for admissions . Within 48 hours you will receive a Cabrillo student ID number. NOTE: You must have an email address to receive your ID number and application confirmation. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can request a free e-mail account through You do this by checking a box when creating your CCCApply account.

2) Complete your online orientation. This is a requirement for all incoming students. It takes about one hour.

3) Complete your Math and English assessments at the Cabrillo Assessment Office. Schedules and practice tests are listed at their website.


If you have completed college level math, English, or any other college course work, please have official transcripts sent to Cabrillo College Admissions and Records.

4) Apply for financial aid before you begin classes.

5) Read the Q&A (questions and answers) before making an appointment. Your needed information may be there and save you a visit.

6) Now you may be ready to schedule an appointment with a counselor. You can make a 30 minute appointment in person at the Counseling office or in the Career or Transfer Center. You may also schedule an appointment by calling 831.479.6274, 831.479.6385, or for Watsonville, 831.786.4734.

Express Advising

Express Advising provides five to ten minutes with a counselor provided on a first come, first served basis. Express Advising is designed for quick questions.


Some things that can be addressed during "Express" counseling include:

  • Clearing a specific prerequisite with documentation

  • Petition to Repeat a Class

  • Permission to take 19 or more units

  • High School Release Signature

  • Specific questions relating to a limited topic, e.g. a course equivalency

"Express" does not include educational plans, graduation petions, academic dismissal, academic renewal, career advising, transcript evaluation or assistance with TAAs or TAGs.

During most weeks, express counseling is offered daily from 10am-12noon and from 1-3pm Monday through Thursday, and 10am-12noon on Fridays.

Online Advising

Ask a Counselor >> Online Advising is available during Fall and Spring semesters only

Services We Offer

Academic counseling for transfer and career programs. By working with a counselor, students can develop an education plan to reach career or transfer goals. Counselors provide information about the requirements for Cabrillo's certificates and degrees as well as information on the transfer process and requirements. Students intending to transfer can obtain an academic plan that will include admission and general education requirements, as well as courses to best prepare them for their major and the best chance of acceptance at a university.

Career counseling enables students to understand their values, interests and skills and to research a variety of career options. The career planning process also assists students in learning to manage job/life transitions. CG 54 is an excellent choice as the first place to start this process. Information about Career counseling is available at our Career Center in the 100 building or by calling 831.479.6385.
Personal counseling is available on a limited basis through Cabrillo's Student Health Center.Counselors provide students with psychological services to help them with self-exploration as it relates to their college experience and educational goals. Call 831.479.6435.

Classes, short courses and workshops in career planning, study skills, general transfer requirements and other topics as needed. (e.g.CG 1, CG 51, CG 52, CG 54


Contact Information
Aptos Counseling
Location: 100 Building
Campus Map >>

Office Hours

MonThurs: 8am–5 pm

Fri: 8am4 pm


Counselor Hours

Mon: 8am6pm

Tues & Wed: 8am5pm

Thur & Fri: 8ampm

Phone 831.479.6274
Fax 831.477.5243
Watsonville Counseling
Location: Room A120
(Student Reource Center)
Office Hours

Hours will vary; call for details

Counseling Hours

MonWed: 9am6 pm

Thur: 8:30am3pm

Phone: 831. 786.4734
(servicio en español)
Location: All counseling services are offered in Aptos and Watsonville.
Aptos Counseling: 831.479.6274
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