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Fire Safety/Evacuation Center

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Cabrillo College District Bond Projects — Total $274.1 Million

Chemistry teacher and students

New Science Building - $84 Million

A new, modern science building (at location of existing 100 Building) for modern career training. More lab space is needed to accommodate the current and projected demand of students taking life science classes.

students at the Hub

Library Renovation and Secondary Effects - $72.9 Million

Major renovation of existing space to create a modern, 21st Century Library. Would include group learning spaces, tutoring spaces, space for supplemental instruction, incorporate Wi-Fi, better display systems, and make it more dedicated to collaborative learning.

building 200 classroom

Major Renovation of 200 Building to Co-Locate All Student Services - $60.7 Million

Major renovation of the old theater building (currently offline) to create one, consolidated building for Student Services offices, including Veterans Center, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) Program, Guardian Scholars (Foster Youth) Program, Counseling & Educational Support Services, and Financial Aid. Soquel Drive location with METRO stop in front could include street level build-out that could include a coffee bar/gathering place for students.

firefighter training

Watsonville Public Safety Center - $23 Million

A training facility for local police and fire that would help keep local talent in Santa Cruz County. This was originally put on the Facilities Master Plan for the Aptos Campus, however there is public agency support and more available space for this center in Watsonville.

IT and Facilities Allocation - $17 Million

Would fund needed technology purchases including new servers and backup systems included in the Tech Plan, within the Facilities Master Plan. Whenever building modernizations are done, re-cabling and re-wiring needs to be done.

Building 350 interior

Building 350 - Reconfigure Instructional Classrooms for Larger Lecture Halls - $11 Million

Reconfigure current, 30-person classrooms into 50-75-person classrooms. Make larger classroom spaces to offer Social Science classes, creates enrollment efficiencies.

Building 500, 600, 1600 Modernization – CA State Match - $3 Million

Right-sizing of classrooms. The project has already received approval from the State, however it requires a Cabrillo match of $3 Million for implementation.

Critical Needs - $2.5 Million

Funding for emergency repairs.

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